For Women- Fibroid/Endometriosis

Today I was reading Dr. Susan Lark’s comments on the subject of fibroid and endometriosis symptoms, and she states women with these troubles may need to avoid whole wheat and even try a wheat free diet. She goes on to say that she has seen women worsen with fatigue, depression, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea, menstrual and intestinal cramps. Interesting enough these are some of the symptoms which can be associated with gluten intolerance, sensitivity or celiac disease. Well, once again we may have another answer to some of women’s most debilitating issues. I hope this opens the door for a possible answer to someone reading my blog today.

Tina Turbin

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One thought on “For Women- Fibroid/Endometriosis

  1. Hi Tina! You just described me! I have had way too many medical tests done, with the hopes of trying to find out why I’m so sick, tired, bloated and all over achy..nothing was found?! That is why I am going on a GF lifestyle. Do you have any wheat-free recipes or resources you could suggest to me?


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