Gluten-Free Essentials – A Company Thinking Outside the Box

This company is not only gluten-free, but it’s run by 2 women who understand the gluten-free business and who are fun.  Between the two of them they count 15 grandchildren with immense care for the celiac.

With children in mind they also evolved a line – Speedy Bake.  These well designed and delicious mixes are for kids to make smaller portions and can be used in an Easy Bake Oven or a half portion for “our” ovens.  How about Yella Vanilla, Spice is Nice or Fudge Brownie?  They all have adaptable recipes as we played with them and found them all versatile.

Now for the adult side of us they have their “grown-up line” which was their first line.  They carry anything you could imagine, cake mixes, soups, pancake mixes, muffin mixes and even a meat loaf starter and more.

Most of their mixes offer a number of additional recipes one can really grow with this line and get a lot out of one mix, which we found helpful and rather fun to play with, in our kitchens.

The kids loved using their Speedy Bake mixes and all my testers and I really enjoyed making the various recipe options out of these delicious mixes. There was nothing better than seeing the kids eyes light up while pulling their creations out of their little ovens.

All products are gluten, egg, lactose, nut, soy, wheat, and yeast free.  All recipes can be used with egg substitutes where eggs are called for.

With a mission to ensure those living on a gluten-free diet live healthy, happy and normal lives – they are accomplishing just that. These two women not only strive to educate but they also have been known to provide products to those in need, such as a 25# box sent to Neighborly Services in Loveland Colorado.

This food company is given a thumbs up and is HIGHLY recommended by me.

You can have an  Easy Bake oven and plenty of mixes to bring plenty of smiles to kids and adults alike.

Tina Turbin

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25 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Essentials – A Company Thinking Outside the Box

  1. This sounds like a wonderful company! I can’t wait to try it. I’m always looking for stuff the kids can bake themselves!

  2. Wow! This is wonderful! I just purchased an Easy Bake Oven for one of my granddaughters and would be pleased to offer her a gluten-free option. Thanks for this great info, Tina!

  3. Thank you for sharing these incredible reviews. I love hearing about the people behind the companies. They are usually regular people just like us with a great idea and willingness to work hard. A true inspiration!

  4. Thank you for this incredible website! My 6 year old daughter just got diagnosed with Celiac last week and it has been rough. She can’t eat what the other kids do at parties now. We would use our Easy Bake and GF mixes before parties and let her bake her ‘own’ goodie to eat with the other kids. What a great way for her to have fun, still have a treat, and get creative in the kitchen!

  5. I am so excited to find this! My 8 year old was just asking for an easy bake oven for christmas. I hated to tell her she wouldn’t be able to have one because of her allergies and celiac. It is comforting to know there are people that care enough to make products like these so I don’t have to tell my child no. We are a family of six eating gluten free so this in encouraging!

  6. I am currently doing research for my niece who is 7 years old and was just diagnosed with celiac disease. I am looking for all kinds of reccomendations and help to make her more comfortable with this new lifestyle she has to develop. She is a fun loving little girl who is having some trouble with the gluten free food and getting used to the fact she is now to eat differently than the rest of the family. We are trying to make this as easy as possible for her and she used to love playing with her easy bake oven and she loves to be in the kichen I think this would make her day and make her feel alot better and like a normal kid again she gets embarassed when someone even talks about it and we want to make her more comfortable with her new diagnosed Celiac disease.

  7. If I am lucky enough to win this – it will be a gift for my niece and my mother – it would be great for my Mom to be able to bake with her grand daughter using gluten free mixes. Thanks for this opportunity!

  8. My 6 year old daughter would use her new oven for so many uses! She wants to make GF cookies and cakes to not only make for herself and her newly gluten-free family, but she would also wrap them and share them with others as gifts! Her daddy found out he is Celiac positive too and she wants to ‘bake’ daddy goodies to send in his daily lunch sack. Our family also plans to make sandwich bags for the homeless men that live under the highway overpasses in our city for Christmas — and she wanted to make them some goodies for those bags as well. We can’t wait to try these mixes for so many reasons!!!!!

  9. Tina, this is amazing! My girls have wanted an Easy Bake oven for years. Every year, I revisit it and can never bring myself to buy one because the packets of mix that come with the oven are disgusting, they have ingredients that no one should eat, mostly chemicals. My girls will be thrilled that there’s an alternative, they love to cook and bake, and we live on a street with other kids that don’t eat as healthy as we do, my girls invite the other kids over to try our meals and baked goods and they love them, they ask us to show their moms how to make these things and say “You guys eat so healthy!” Kids know the difference, they just need to be educated and they’ll make the right choices, and even prefer the good wholesome foods over junk!! Thanks so much for all you do, I’m going to pass this along to other parents.

  10. Thank you so much for doing this contest! If I won this easy bake oven and mixes I would use it at bible study and our church gatherings. Their are quite a few kids who I know would enjoy it there. Thanks again!

  11. Our four children would love to be able to bake ‘like mom’ in their very own kid-sized oven. I am very sensitive to gluten so only gluten-free baking happens in our house.

  12. Tina, thanks so much for turning us on to this company! I am so excited to tell my daughter that she CAN get an EZ-Bake oven now. She will be so excited. We would use this oven and the GF mixes to make goodies in order to help raise awareness about celiac and non-celiac gluten intolerance. We would incorporate this into our Catch a Love Bubble crusade that we are already doing. We pass out “Love notes” to random people to let them know that they are awesome. This almost always leads to a conversation and a new acquaintance. Why not throw in a GF treat with a story about how it was made and why? Letting people know that this can affect kids, I think will make them listen that much more. So excited to learn about this!!

  13. What a great idea!! It is so wonderful that their are women like you out there making sure our children have safe and normal childhood experiences!! My girls love to bake! We can’t wait to try your products!

  14. My granddaughters have been diagnosed with Celiac at a very young age. While the older one is soon to be five, and is beginning to learn what it means to limit yourself to gluten free foods, it’s hard to make sure that they have all the same fun experiences that other children have. Having GF cake mixes for her to make in her own Easy Bake oven would make her day! She would be so very proud of herself – and pleased to share with her sister and friends!!

  15. This is awesome! My 8 year old has been asking for an *Easy Bake* for 2 years now but I’ve always said no because the non-GF baking mixes. So off to check these out.

  16. My 9 year old will be thrilled to learn about this oven. We have been having family cooking sessions to learn more about cooking, nutrition, and reading labels – especially important when you have Celiac Disease. I know he would love to use the Easy Bake Oven to make dessert when it’s his turn to be Chef of the Week.

  17. If I’m lucky enough to win. I’ll be sending the products into my son’s classroom. He attends a lifeskills class and he’ll love the microwave mixes and he’ll be able to share the mixes with his classmates and not have to worry about allergies….!!

  18. My daughter’s and son’s faces would light up if they saw the oven. They love to help me bake in the kitchen. They also quite often “pretend” bake cookies and cupcakes with their toys. Thanks for sponsoring this!

  19. My daughter got a easy bake oven at a garage sale unfortunately it was missing all the stuff to make anything and then we were diagnosed with Celiac. She was so disappointed that she could use it. Now she can make treats for everyone.

    Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  20. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this! It would make a dream come true for my gluten intollerant daughter. Her favorite treat that we can get in the stores is Lucy’s gluten free snickerdoodles. I try to bake all the time for her, but she wants to do it more herself. This would be wonderful.

  21. Wow, I could really use this oven! I am a tutor and my son is 7 days a week in a high school baseball program. This would a great help to my crazy schedule! It just looks amazing. Whoever wins it will be one lucky person! I would love to be making even more gluten-frre items for our family.

  22. HI!!!

    I plan to bake a lot, make yummy cookies and bread! All gluten-free, of course!!!!! This oven is “smoking hot”! It belongs in my kitchen!

    Dorda McDaniel

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