Attention, Canadian Bacon Lovers!

Low in fat, high in protein, great-tasting, versatile in recipes, and gluten-free, Canadian Bacon is one of my favorite items because it’s a delicious and healthy option for GF eaters. Jones Dairy Farm Canadian Bacon, a family-owned company in operation for 120 years, using the highest-quality loins for great taste and texture, outsells all other Canadian bacon and Canadian bacon style products.

There are 50 gluten-free items available in retail stores and online.  Find out more information by checking out the link below:

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8 thoughts on “Attention, Canadian Bacon Lovers!

  1. OMG I love Canadian bacon as well! I like to add it to my omelettes in the mornings and on top of a gf bagel with cheddar cheese as a mid-afternoon snack.

  2. Um did someone say “Canadian Bacon Lover”? Because that’s definitely me! Thanks for this gluten free canadian bacon recommendation. I’ve just been gluten free for a little over a year and believe it or not I haven’t even tried gluten free canadian bacon yet. I’m adding it to the shopping list this week though.

  3. Canadian bacon and pineapple on gluten free pizza! That is my favorite now! I never really liked the Hawaiian style pizza until recently because I noticed that it just feels like it’s better for my body than other combinations. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t canadian bacon like way better for you than regular bacon or sausage?

  4. This is a meat that I don’t think much about but every once in a while I’ll taste in something and I’ll be like, “Oh yeah…I remember that Canadian is pretty good.” Adding this to next week’s grocery list…

  5. Wow! I can’t believe I haven’t heard of this company and they have 50 different gluten-free items. That’s so awesome! @Whintey Hughes thanks for these recipe suggestions. Some of them look quite tasty!

  6. Just wanted to add that this is a great snack for kids! My son loves to have these on Crunchmaster cookies as an afterschool snack. They’re a great combination and very filling. This brand is also healthier than a lot of other sandwich meats out there, it seems, as it doesn’t have that overprocessed is-this-really-meat-still taste. I enthusiastically recommend it!

  7. Funny. They were just sampling this the other day, and I was shocked when the lady said “gluten free.” I was like, “What? I can try a sample?” That’s rare! Well, it was delicious. I’m not a big Canadian bacon gal, but I took home a package and I’ve been frying it up in the mornings with eggs and I’m loving it!

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