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As a celiac, I can’t eat gluten. Town after town, I walk by bakeries with their windows adorned with scrumptious cupcakes, wedding cakes, and tarts. My friends walk in and enjoy the tasty delights they can consume, leaving me longing while I attempt to satisfy my needs with a coffee or tea sweetened with stevia, as if stevia really does the job.

Well, San Francisco’s Crave wholesale bakery has filled my needs, my desires, and my longings for GF baked goods. The cupcakes are like the ones I remember eating as a child, with no bad aftertaste or aftereffects. The cakes are of a quality of the finest dining experience. It was unanimous among all my staff and field testers, including an arranged testing I hosted: Crave rules! Keep in mind my testers consist of picky, non-GF eaters (lucky folks), kids with “discriminating” taste buds, and then some GF guys who are as picky as they can be.

Founder Cameo Edwards started Crave, a wholesale bakery, in 2003 after a year of frustrating physical difficulties, which she found to all be stemming from gluten, which she now had to cut out of her diet. She longed for delicious treats and eventually created a delicious brownie. Retail shops started ordering from her, and the rest is history.


Cameo makes gluten-free products taste delicious. They are all baked in small batches and delivered immediately. Her vanilla and chocolate cupcakes are large and moist, and the frosting is heavenly. Her cheesecake is light and the crust unlike any we had tried before. Her chocolate cake is rich and brownies unique in flavor, and honestly, we couldn’t get enough.

With a mission to ensure her customers satisfy their cravings for traditional baked goods with her own, she offers a multitude of goods to satisfy everyone’s needs. Cameo omits gluten and casein from all her products, trying to service the needs of most celiacs, as many can’t tolerate casein. She uses free-range eggs from Petaluma chicken and supports local producers and family-owned operations.

Her products are literally scattered all throughout the Pacific Coast rocky regions, and she accommodates any shipping needs. Maintaining freshness is the priority. She’s there to service and to continue to present the most delicious GF wholesale bakery. One can order select items from her website in the shop section. Currently, all her products are available all throughout the Pacific coast and in retail stores as well as in Whole Foods in the Rocky Mountains.

Cameo custom-bakes beautiful, eye-appealing wedding and birthday cakes to order while adding the right touch to any event. All of Crave’s products are packaged in beautiful, see-through containers, allowing the customers to eye the goods freely. Seeing her items will make anyone purchase them without a hint of disappointment.

This food company is given a thumbs up and is HIGHLY recommended by me.

Tina Turbin

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11 thoughts on “Crave – A VERY Fine Gluten-Free Bakery

  1. If anyone can get their hands on a Crave lemon tart, wow, it’s to-die-for. And the cupcakes (any flavor) are incredibly moist… great bakery!

  2. My wife and I have made Crave a “pit stop” of ours whenever we’re in the San Francisco area. Though ALL of their products are amazing, my absolute favorite would have to be the dark chocolate brownies and pecan brownies.

  3. Lemon cake and lemon tarts have always been my favorite type of sweet. Ever since I’ve been celiac it’s been sooooo difficult to find a gluten-free version… until now. Crave makes the best lemon tarts. They burst with flavor and the crust is deliciously flaky. Such a treat!

  4. though I’m not on a regular gf diet, I have to admit that as a cheesecake lover, the Crave cheesecake that I had purchased was a pleasant surprise. It was very smooth and not too heavy (normal cheesecake which I eat tends to be very heavy and hard to swallow, and leaves you with that “got milk?” taste in your mouth)… not overbearingly sweet, I can see myself continuing to eat this as a regular treat!

  5. I am such a cupcake fan that I had to drop a line here on this excellent review of Crave Bakery — myself and my 3 kids (all on gluten-free diet) just love the vanilla and chocolate cupcakes… They are perfectly frosted and the cake itself is very moist and so much fun to share with other parents who have no idea that they are gluten-free! It’s a shocker to other moms when I delightfully claim the products as being GF.

  6. crave makes great GF deserts, highly recommended!! I’ve tried a lot from this bakery like the Lemon tart, which tasted very good and lemony! While the apple tart had a very authentic, good cinnamon taste. The Toasted pecan brownie is almost like carab but with a very good cocoa flavor. The Cheesecake is very rich! Lastly the Chocolate cake is mmm! This was good! Very rich and chocolaty.

  7. I love the Cheesecake! this one is really good! I like the spices in the crust. I also really liked the Toasted pecan brownies and the apricot tart.

  8. I love this company! If it was any closer to me I would be at their bakery every day! One of the bests GF baked goods I’ve ever tried!

    Here’s what i think about some of their products:
    The Mama Z’s chocolate cake is very delicate and dense. I love the ganache!
    The Cheesecake was not too sweet and i love the crust
    The Roasted pecan brownie is mmm! I love the fudgey consistency. Not too sweet either
    The Apricot tart is wow, I love the buttery crust
    I love the soft texture from the Lemon tart. Perfect amount of lemon
    The Chocolate cupcake are a big wow! I can eat all four that come in the package
    The Vanilla cupcakes are a big wow too! That is the best gluten free cupcake I’ve ever had!!

  9. Crave’s bakery is absolutely breathtaking! mama z knows how it’s done with the Mama Z’s chocolate cake! The Chocolate cupcakes tastes just like mama z chocolate cake! The Cheese cake is so light and crispy, oh so deliciousy!

  10. Wow! Thank you Tina for the fantastic review of our products. We are so glad that you and you tasters loved everything. And a big thanks to all of your readers who have expressed their support!

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