Food and Company Review: Grainless Baker

One of my favorite foods on planet Earth is carrot cake. Since being diagnosed celiac, I have not really enjoyed a GF carrot cake, until today.

The Grainless Baker has by far the best carrot cake, true to taste, frosting, and all that I’ve known of this dessert since my years of eating wheat prior to my celiac diagnosis. Lightly sweet, moist throughout, and with unbeatable texture, it simply just danced in my mouth until I just had to give in and swallow. Lucky for me there was another bite to follow.

The Grainless Baker carries a number of other products which I tested with my test teams in Florida and L.A. I also loved Twistix, which were very garlicky, salty, and having just the perfect texture warm or cold.

Jane Trygar was diagnosed with celiac sprue in 2001. After four treacherous years of symptoms, Jane in just two weeks dropped 20 pounds and felt miserable. Finally a doctor tested her. The diagnosis shed light on all her troubles, which started during her third pregnancy. I should also mention that her family had a bakery full of wheat!



Her husband, a chef, with his love of cooking and baking, was at a loss watching Jane research company after company for a good supply of GF foods. She couldn’t eat well. She missed her “family”-baked goods. So he set out to create great-tasting gluten-free breads, rolls, and pastries for Jane.

Soon his creations grew. They became aware that Jane wasn’t the only one with these needs, and so this company was started. Jane shares, “It’s become the passion of our lives.” They truly have a desire to help anyone with celiac sprue enjoy the flavors of items baked in a gluten-free environment. Their baked goods are incredible. They’ve now developed 10 categories of food, offering well over 40 delicious products.

Their website offers nutritional information freely on all of their products and is easy to navigate. Select items are unfortunately only available in stores at this time.

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48 thoughts on “Food and Company Review: Grainless Baker

  1. I should win this Absolutely Delicious Gluten Free give away because I am a hopeless baker… and I love my sweets and I want to learn how to bake gluten free desserts and meals as I have a nephew who can’t have Gluten & I want to bake him treats and because I do best on a gluten free diet.. :P) Thanks for all your awesome contests!! Janette

  2. I’d love to win this absolutely delish giveaway for my Mom and Sister. Both of them have been diagnosed with celiac disease. My Mom’s favourite cake is carrot cake, so this would be an amazing treat for her. Thanks for finding all these amazing GF products! I love sharing the info with my Mom and sis.

  3. I would love to win the ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS gluten-free giveaway! I have only had gluten free carrot cake once since being diagnosed with Celiac. We were on vacation in New Hampshire last year and went to a BBQ place for dinner. I was amazed that they had homemade GF carrot cake, so I tried some. It was amazing! I have been craving it ever since and have not been able to find any here in Arizona. I have several friends who eat gluten free, and would love to share this with them, if I win.

  4. I am SO excited to find this website! I would feel blessed to win this contest because of my 6.5 year old daughter, Macy. Macy’s life has been FULL of medical complications including two heart surgeries, 6 ENTsurgeries, Our family of five has tried to reshape our daily lifestyle to work with Macy’s allergies. Her sisters have been learning to eat GFCF in support of Macy. God has blessed Macy with an amazing outlook on life despite her many medical conditions. She has adapted pretty well to this dietary change. It would make her feel so special to “win” a contest and ato ctually eat a dessert again (as I am still new at this and have not figured out how to cook many yummy GFCG things yet!) Thanks,

  5. I would love to win the delicious carrot cake because both my mom and my birthdays are in July! She usually bakes me a cake (had my first gluten free cake last year), but we unfortunately won’t be together to celebrate this birthday. I wouldn’t wish my baking upon anyone, so am hoping for some delicious carrot cake!!! :O)
    If I HAVE to share, I’d share it with my gluten free friends who would appreciate it as much as I would! Thanks so much! Amy

  6. I need to win the Absolutely Delicious Gluten Free give away because of several reasons, many family and my fellow staff members at work. I need them to see how absolutely delicious and delectable gluten free can be. I want them to watch me eating something as scrumptious as the carrot cake, and beg me for a taste. I will lick the fork and they will get closer and closer trying to steal a taste. Of course, I will give in and share. And then they will thank me. And we will all thank YOU for sharing this good for me and good for them stuff with us. Too bad my birthday just went by. Oh well, we will just celebrate something else with these goodies!

  7. I would so love to win these products to share with two teens I know who are finding gluten-free life a bit of a challenge. It’s tough to watch your friends eat pizza and bagels and cupcakes during the last days of school while you sit on the sidelines, but who can be sad knowing there’s a big platter of gluten-free carrot cake and coffee cake waiting for you at home!

  8. All I have to do is see it,
    And that makes me want to eat it!
    I can tell it is delish – and really quite a dish!
    I will share it with my hubby –
    And I hope we won’t get tubby –
    But carrot and coffee cake – what a treat!
    There is nothing else we’d rather eat!

  9. This is the third time I am trying to publish this so hopefully I dont end up on her 3 times. I apologize if I do!!

    My 2 young kiddos and I all have Celiac Disease. They were so excited when we saw this contest and HAD TO ENTER!!!! I try so hard to bake but dont do such a great job!!! Getting better though!! We would absolutely love to win this and try this wonderful carrot cake and coffee cake!!!!

    We would love to share it with our family, especially their aunt, my sister, who is due with her first baby in July and would love some sweet, delicious treats like this as well!! Thanks so much for considering us!!! Ashley

  10. I think I should win the delicious carrot cake because I have tasted it and it is delicious. Also I have had no success in either making a good carrot cake or coffee cake.

  11. my celiac and diabetic 9 year old daughter loves carrot cake as does the rest of the family. we found a delicious one in a restaurant in new hampshire and had the baker make us 2 for her first communion. i,however,am a lousy cook so she has not had a good carrot cake for over a year. i feel guilty eating non-gf ones in front of her so now i go without as well. we would love a good tasting gf carrot cake thanks,

  12. I was so excited to hear about your website today! I am going into the hospital tomorrow for my second major surgery this year. It will be a couple of weeks until I am able to eat good food, but what better way to break into real food again. I will be celebrating my birthday within the next few weeks and I would love to have delicious gluten free desserts to share with my family and friends. Several of us are on gluten free diets. This could be a special occasion to celebrate the winning of this contest, my birthday, and being cancer free!

  13. I REALLY would like to win this gluten-free give away b/c the picture of it looks sooooo AMAZING and I want to make sure that it tastes as YUMMY as it looks!!! I have tried so many other gluten-free desserts that “claim” to be moist and delicious, but when you actually taste them they are awful! I was directed to this website by someone who has tasted your gluten-free carrot cake and says it is the best she’s had yet!! I would LOVE to try it for myself and be able to say the same thing!!! ~ Judith :o)

  14. As a college athlete (gymnast), I started losing weight, despite eating EVERYTHING within reach. I was accused of having eating disorders by those that didn’t know me, I had no energy, lost muscle, and was incredibly frustrated and sick. FINALLY, the doctors said, “celiac!” Started eating gluten-free and I felt 1,000x better and eventually gained enough weight back that I no longer looked like someone in a 3rd world country. I live in a house with several others that don’t eat gluten free, so I don’t really have an opportunity to bake. So I go without. There’s another teacher that works with me that is also gluten free, and bringing in some treats to share with her would make her day (as well as my own)!


  15. It would mean the world to me to win the ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS gluten-free giveaway! My father, mother, husband, myself and two children have ALL recently been diagnosed with gluten intolerance!! Our baby and toddler are on the autism spectrum/sensory issues and are both GFCF and my husband is French and misses baked goods and breads terribly. We would love to find replacements so that our family, and especially our children, don’t miss out on the sweet things in life! Merci beaucoup, Jessica

  16. SO happy to have found this site! i would love to win this so i can share with other gluten sensitive friends i know who think GF foods are horrible and won’t give it up-endangering their health….they need to know they can still have good tasting food and do not have to feel deprived…also i did not have a birthday cake this june 🙁 ..and it would be such a great treat to share one- even if it is late with others….thanks so much! donna

  17. Wow….I would love to win because between June 3 and June 12 I felt like such a LOOSER! I have 3 kids, and the 2 older girls have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease (Dec and Feb). During these 10 days we had so many celebrations, and even though I tried to make GF cakes, they all failed 🙁
    6/3 Graduation (Celiac daughter 2)–celebration cake fail–15 out of town guests
    6/4 Celiac daughter one turns 21–cake fail–13 out of town guests
    6/5 Graduation open house–cake fail, tried cookies, fail again–100 people attended
    6/12 Celiac Daughter two turns 18–another milestone, another cake fail–but the ice cream was good!–5 out of town guests

    I would have loved to be the Gluten Free Hero, but I have a LOT to learn! Help!

  18. Hi! I would love for my daughter to win the Gluten-Free Give Away. Becca is seventeen years old and is still quite a picky eater. She has never eaten carrots and I would like her to find a vegetable that she would eat other than lettuce and potatoes. She was diagnosed five years ago with Celiac disease and, to me, has been amazing and very brave in her total transformation of her diet. It makes her feel so much better to be gluten-free but as a teenager it is always a challenge. Thank you for offering the contest.

  19. I would love to try some of the food from this company…it all looks so yummy! I was diagnosed with Celiac disease four months ago and haven’t been too successful making baked goodies so it’s nice to know there are some great places like this to get baked good from. I would love to try both the carrot cake and the coffee cake…always been a favorite cake of mine…and share them with my family. Although they don’t eat gluten free I have loved showing them that food can still taste good on this diet.

  20. I would love to try some of the food from this company…it all looks so yummy! I would love to try both the carrot cake and the coffee cake…always been a favorite cake of mine…and share them with my family. Although they don’t eat gluten free I have loved showing them that food can still taste good on this diet.

  21. I would love to win the carrot cake because I am a new fan of The Grainless Baker. I tried their buns at a NY Mets game at the new Citifield gluten-free concession stand and was brought to tears eating “normally” at a ball park. I would love to try the carrot cake. As a diagnosed celiac since 1981, it continues to blow my mind about how many options we now have in the gluten-free world. Thank you!

  22. I would love to win this giveaway because I love carrot cake and coffee cake, and I love to bake yummy desserts for my friends and family. It is always gratifying when my gluten free desserts are so good that people ask for the recipe! From the looks of the picture, I might not want to share!! Missy

  23. I would love to win these cakes because, honestly, I haven’t had a good carrot cake or coffee cake in YEARS! I have heard nothing but GREAT things about these cakes!

  24. I’m a newly diagnosed celiac and miss the wonderful cakes and pastries I could eat before. My husband tries his best to satisfy my sweet tooth with celiac friendly desserts. It would be great to add something more to his repetoire.

  25. Tina,

    This company really does have some of the MOST delicious items for on to order and have in their own home. They are a delight to deal with if any customer service questions arise. I love their carrot cake too, but the coffee cakes ate to die for. The only thing I do not like is their bread. I have found better , but never a better carrot cake !Hey, love your site and what you do and share. You are quite a lady.Sally

  26. This review really shares a lot and says it like it is. You write so well and I love your reviews. I have ordered from them on-line and there are a variety of items that are totally delicious. I have twins, both diagnoses celiac. I use their products for their parties and they store VERY well in the freezer without getting crumbly, like so many other Gluten-free products. Thanks Tina, I think this site rocks! I know you are a children’s author too. How do you do it all? Amazing. Marisol Penister

  27. The cream puffs rule in my family. Love this site and I seem to visit it a few times a week. I use it for your awesome recipes. They really help a woman in the kitchen like me who needs ideas. They are actually down home cooking , which I like. Most are fast to make too, so thanks. All the best Tina, Dee Lowry

  28. Not my first time visiting your site. I’m a little addicted ,….:) I love the cream puffs., I just wish they’d offer lots more on-line. I love the carrot cake too! I purchased one of your children’s books on you Danny the Dragon site too. Thanks for all your help in the celiac community. Mary Jane Dixon

  29. I would love to win your incredible cake. I have not had carrot cake since being GF for 2.5 years and it is my favourite cake. I do a lot of volunteer work in the community and I don’t have a lot of time to bake myself and this would be a tremendous treat! I didn’t actually have a cake on my birthday this year as I had back surgery on the same day! Not a word of a lie! My back is doing very well now. In any case, it would be terrific to celebrate with your cake on any day! I love what you are doing, and all my best to you and to your future success!

  30. I have been a fan of the Grainless Baker, and especially of their delicious carrot cakes, for at least the last 4 years. The company I work for usually purchases a cake to celebrate employee anniversaries, and for my 25th anniversary which was 4 years ago, I ordered a carrot cake/sheet cake from Jane. As always, it was the ABSOLUTE BEST carrot cake I have found since going GF 10 years ago! (I also love their hamburger and hot dog buns, and keep my freezer stocked full of them each summer.) For the last 4 weeks I have been home recuperating from double bypass surgery, and I would love to win a carrot cake to share with my family (who also prefers the Grainless Bakers’ carrot cake to any others)! Thanks to Jane and her husband, for all the wonderful gluten-free creations they have shared with all of us suffering from celiac disease. (I would LOVE to do what you have done, but don’t have the culinary expertise!!)

  31. I love that their website provides an entire breakdown of what is in the product. That is so important to people who have an allergy. Their selection is so big! I haven’t heard of this company before but their items for sale sound incredible! Thanks Tina for this review. I’m going to check them out and try them at home now!

  32. I really like their breads. It’s hard for me to find breads for bbq. Thankfully the Grainless Baker sells hamburger buns, hot dog buns, etc. They are going to be a big hit this summer for our celiac friends at our bbqs!

  33. I agree with Tammy. They have a great selection of breads. I am a bagel person and every morning I must have my bagel with my coffee. Their bagels are so delicious. Other gluten-free bagels I’ve tried tasted like hard Styrofoam. Thankfully, not the Grainless Baker’s bagels. Their terrific!

  34. Hi Tina! I always pick up one of their pies for potlucks and parties. They are to die for! You have to try one!

  35. I’ve tried all of their muffins! AMAZING! my favorite is their Zucchini Muffins! No other gluten-free company I know offers Zucchini Muffins!! I just put a little bit of butter on the top and take it with me in the morning. This company is so delicious!

  36. Hello! I am a big fan of the Grainless Baker. That’s such an interesting story about the product owners! Thanks for sharing. My children and I are all gluten-intolerant and I don’t look farther than this company for great breads. I know and trust that this company will provide a large assortment of breads that I never try anything else. Their sandwich breads are a staple in my kitchen.

  37. I would love to win this contest as my diet has been very limited. I had been very ill these past 10 months. Found out I have several autoimmune diseases and lost most of my muscle mass. I was vomiting almost everything I tried to eat. Now as I am learning what I can and cannot eat I am feeling better but am still on a learning curve with the sweets. I bake brownies with almond meal or coconut flour. I use yams instead of sugar too. I would love to have some carrot cake!

  38. Your carrot cake looks so moist and yummy. You can almost taste it from the picture. Just so good. This would be a great treat for our celiac members to sample at our next Board meeting. This is why it would be nice to win one of your cakes. Sharing your product with others would be fabulous.
    Lorraine Didrikson

  39. I would love to win this contest for my 39 year old Down’s Syndrome daughter who was diagnosed with Celiac disease. She has lost 47 lbs in the last 6 months and she is afraid to eat anything that I don’t prepare for he because she doesn’t want to get sick. She would love to have cake and I have tried the gluten free boxed mixes but the results have been pretty poor. I would love to give her a cake that would be good it would be such a treat for her.

  40. I had heard a lot about going grainless, as far as the health benefits in reducing cholesterol and even risk of cancer, so I try to use Grainless Baker as much as possible in my baking. I am NEVER disappointed! My family is very picky too, and they are so impressed with these grainless goodies. I’m glad you chose this company to highlight.

  41. Thanks, Tina. I really like the fact that you take the time to make these videos and really dedicate a lot of attention on these food reviews. We need to support the companies and owners who go out of their way to deliver high-quality, healthy, SAFE products for the gluten-free community. Grainless Baker is such a company.

  42. thank you so much, tina, for sharing this grainless company. i have been grainless for a couple of years now. it’s a lot of work, but i have really noticed a big improvement in my health. i highly recommend this company, too, as it is one of my favorite grainless companies out there.

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