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My name is Shelly Stuart. I am a registered nurse and I have been working for 21 years in a variety of areas, including gastroenterology and inflammatory bowel disease. About 6 years ago, I was finally diagnosed with celiac disease after many years of suffering with symptoms. I am writing this post today to share some of my story, my mission to increase awareness about gluten intolerance, and I would like to share some information about my new book, “Gluten Toxicity”.

My Story

Prior to being diagnosed with celiac disease, I was misdiagnosed and given a variety of explanations for my vague symptoms for most of my life. Unfortunately, even when the symptoms were obvious, misdiagnosis still occurred. For example, I was misdiagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome when I had classic celiac disease symptoms for 5 years prior to my diagnosis.

Eventually, I diagnosed myself by doing my own research and initiated a gluten-free diet to see if it provided symptom relief. Successful, I approached a gastroenterologist and confirmed my diagnosis.

This lack of awareness put me at risk for complications and at risk for a false negative test result since consuming a gluten-free diet prior to diagnosis can lead to false negatives. Unfortunately, many others have been put at risk due to the same experience. Delayed diagnosis is very common in many countries. Sadly, this often leads to an
increased risk of developing many health complications.

Once I became aware of how common gluten intolerance is and how it flies under the radar of medical health professionals, I knew there was a role for me to fulfill. Too many people are suffering and some end up with permanent damage due to a late diagnosis. Sadly, this damage (psychological and physiological) is preventable and for those
affected, it should have never occurred. Awareness about gluten intolerance needs to be on the radar of every health professional when they are assessing patients and the public needs to be aware of all of the tests that are available.

My Mission

With gluten intolerance on my radar, I decided to start a blog to increase awareness and I have been actively increasing awareness on Twitter and Facebook as well. I also started a business as a Celiac Nurse And Gluten Intolerance Consultant in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. As time passed, I recognized the need for a book
that I could use as a resource to increase awareness, increase diagnosis, and to help others who are diagnosed and having problems. I also wanted to share everything I have learned about living a gluten-free lifestyle. As a result, my book, “Gluten Toxicity” was created.

My love for my family has been a powerful motivator for the creation of this book. Gluten intolerance is very prevalent in my family. Therefore, this book is my gift to my current and future family members (grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc). I feel that this guide provides the information they will need to get diagnosed and to help improve their health once diagnosed. For many years to come, my infinite love and guidance can be passed on through this book.

Many are suffering and quite likely many are dying globally due to undiagnosed celiac disease, dermatitis herpetiformis and non-celiac gluten intolerance. This breaks my heart when I think of grandparents being lost due to dementia or illness, couples dealing with infertility or pregnancy issues (potentially leading to loss of a baby), mothers and fathers struggling with illness, children with cognitive disabilities affecting their ability to achieve their potential in life, and many others who are suffering with a variety of misdiagnoses.

This is what I visualized while I wrote this book. I am hoping that my book will help others to recognize that a link may exist between their symptoms and the ingestion of gluten. Recognition, diagnosis, and a gluten-free diet may be all that is needed to increase their quality of life and end the suffering.

My Book, “Gluten Toxicity”

“Gluten Toxicity” provides a comprehensive checklist of symptoms, in depth analysis of the diagnostic tests, an outline of the gluten-free diet, tips to help with a new lifestyle adjustment, and recommendations to consider when complications arise. Helpful checklists will assist people to keep track of blood test results, and tasks to help with healing.

For people who are already diagnosed, my book offers many tips to help with the gluten free lifestyle and has multiple suggestions for people who are still suffering with symptoms despite the maintenance of a gluten-free diet.

My hope is that my resource guide, “Gluten Toxicity” will help others to navigate the maze associated with gluten toxicity and to help them live life to the fullest.

If you are interested in purchasing a paperback copy of “Gluten Toxicity: The Mysterious Symptoms Of Celiac Disease, Dermatitis Herpetiformis, And Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance”, please see more information at http://www.celiacnurse.com. My book is available as a paperback from Amazon in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Germany. If you would prefer an e-book version of “Gluten Toxicity”, please see the E-Book from my blog.

A post with highlights From “Gluten Toxicity” can also be found at my
blog: http://celiacnurse.com

Thank you very much for your support and thank you Tina for the opportunity to share my story on your lovely and very informative blog.

Shelly Stuart, R.N., B.Sc.N.                                      Don’t forget you can win a free autographed book now!

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38 thoughts on ““Gluten Toxicity”- Amazing Comprehensive Book by a Nurse

  1. Thanks for introducing us to Nurse Shelly. What a story and how inspiring! I am extremely happy being a schoolteacher, but I always tell my hubby that if for some reason I wasn’t a teacher I’d like to open a chiropractic/nutritional practice and get people tested for gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. With 1% of the population having CD we really need more and more healthcare professionals aware of this issue.

  2. I looked up this book on Amazon and it seems terrific! Very, very comprehensive. One can never have too many celiac resource guides, in my opinion, so I ordered it. Can’t wait to get it!

  3. Hi I recall hearing about this Celiac Nurse before on your blog. I really admire her and I had no idea she had a book out. I am so glad to find that more and more books are eBooks because I think they’re really useful, especially recipe books, although this doesn’t sound like a recipe book. I like them because they take up less room on your bookshelves!

  4. This looks like a great book. It’s funny, but I can never have too many books on CD. My library has been growing steadily over 8 years. At first I wondered why anyone would need so many books on pretty much the same subject, but some authors have so much to offer and a unique perspective when it comes to this disease and the gluten-free diet. I suspect Shelly Stuart is one of these valuable authors herself.

  5. It blows my mind how well Shelly Stuart has done with her blog and career. She seems like an ordinary person like you or me who discovered she had this same disease as us, but she made herself into a major figure online and in her area to spread the word about CD. Bravo!

  6. Hi Tina it’s been a while since I’ve been on your blog but it’s still as relevant and entertaining as ever! This Celiac Nurse has a great story. It’s so sad to hear about celiacs having health problems related to pregnancy. That’s one of the main things I’m passionate about–educating young women about gluten and celiac disease so that they don’t have to go through traumatic pregnancy and childbirth experiences. That’s the worst!

  7. Thank you for sharing this much-needed information. I have recently decided to eliminate gluten from my diet, as I am hoping it will help reduce inflammation (I have Multiple Sclerosis). I tested negative for Celiac (blood tests) several years ago, but wonder if I should have pursued further testing before reducing gluten (I’m not 100% gluten-free).

  8. OMG I clicked on the link to see the highlights and I was really impressed. I am continually stumped about testing, although I have been diagnosed with celiac disease my sister and daughter also have symptoms but haven’t yet been diagnosed. I’m excited to receive this book. Maybe it will help clear things up.

  9. I always appreciate a book written by a celiac who’s gone through it all herself. I have often wondered if Dr. Alessio Fasano and Peter Obsborne are celiac or gluten-sensitive. Does anyone know that? I think it would be interesting to find out if they are or if they have friends or family who are affected by the disease.

  10. Sounds like a good book recommendation here. I’m so pleased with the new indie way of publishing books and ebooks because I think it allows for so much more data to pass through to people. This isn’t always good, but in cases like this Gluten Toxicity book, it can only enrich our lives with more knowledge.

  11. Just entered your giveaway. Fingers-crossed! I haven’t ever won a giveaway, but you never know so I always enter whatever I can, especially when it’s free!

  12. Oh wow I didn’t even realize you could win a book. That would be SUCH a great Mother’s Day gift. I never win anything!

  13. Thanks Tina for your amazing guidance for the gluten-free community. I trust that if you recommend a book, it will be a good one! I really hope I win this free autographed copy, but if I don’t, I’ll definitely be ordering this myself!

  14. I’m so pleased with all your giveaways Tina–you rock! This is definitely a book I could use, as I’m having troubles getting a celiac diagnosis, and I’d love to hear Ms. Stuart’s perspective on testing and diagnosis. I am always up for hearing more tips from celiac veterans about the gluten free way of life!

  15. Oh I didn’t realize there was a giveaway and I already got a book, but I entered anyway and hope that I’ll win because I have tons of celiac friends plus I like to donate to libraries, groups, and doctors offices:)

  16. I am officially entered in your contest! Love these blog contests and giveaways:) They make my life a little more exciting. I have actually won some gluten free cookies before from another site. It felt like Christmas LOL!

  17. It’s been a while since i last logged onto my fave blogs and it’s glad to be back. I think I recall hearing about shelly’s book before. Maybe it was on your blog? I don’t really remember, but I remember thinking that I was interesting in reading her book because it seemed soooo comprehensive! Hoping I get a free copy but if not I’ll be ordering one myself:)

  18. Hello Tina, my favorite children’s author and gluten free foodie. Thanks for the great recommendation. I will probably prefer this as an ebook but I’m going to order this for my mom who now has two diagnosed celiac daughters–my sister was finally diagnosed just a couple months ago. I’ve been wanting to get her a very comprehensive guide to CD and this seems to be it. Hopefully I’ll win that autographed copy to give her!

  19. Free giveaway? How fun! I really hope I win. I won’t tell any of my friends to enter though haha j/k so that way I’m more likely to win!

  20. Very excited to read this book. I myself have written some eBooks, not about gluten issues, and I just wanted to add that I think people who buy ebooks which are usually reasonably priced and go directly to an author encourage others to buy the ebooks instead of sending them copies of their own files or printing them out.

  21. This sounds very familiar. Maybe a friend of mine recommended it to me or maybe you did in an earlier blog? Either way, I remember thinking, “That’s something I should check out.” I am also entering the contest and hope I may get lucky!

  22. Hi Tina thanks for this great blog. It’s one of my new faves. Your product reviews are awesome, and so are your book reviews and recipes. That’s why if you recommend this book, I’m going to take your word for it and get it. However, first I’m entering your contest to see if I can win it for free!

  23. Hi Tina so glad to hear about another giveaway. Every time I visit your site I watch out for that now. More please, especially gf goodies! If I do win this book, I’ll be extremely pleased. It seems full of all sort of topics. Even though I’ve been celiac for a while, I still have a lot of questions that haven’t been fully answered.

  24. I have a good feeling about this one! I won some gluten free baked goods one time and it made my day!

  25. It’s funny how you can never have too many books on gluten sensitivity and cd. After all, this subject almost defines your life when you’re sensitive to gluten or have celiac disease, so you need to make sure you’re as informed as possible on this. After all, there’s more and more research coming out and people are mastering gluten free living better and better. I’m always welcoming information and tips to help me deal with the challenges of this diet! For this reason, I look forward to reading (and winning a free copy of!) this book:)

  26. @Jeff @Judith I agree with you so much about how important it is to have an updated and expansive library on gluten issues. Of course with the internet I have been relying a lot on internet resources, but sometimes nothing is more informative and comprehensive than a full book, which contains way more than most websites.

  27. I am glad to learn about new books like this because otherwise I would have no idea which books to choose! It seems to me that my friends and my favorite bloggers such as Tina are the best people to listen to when it comes to which books to read on this subject.

  28. Tina-I am such a fan of your website. I am almost overwhelmed with all your reviews and recommendations sometimes! I write them all down and have written down Shelly Stuart’s too, although hopefully I win this free book!

  29. Shelly’s story sounds much like my own. I really wish I had been diagnosed before I first became pregnant! I admire her for sharing her story and this valuable information and I hope that she is touching the lives of many, many celiacs and gluten-sensitive people! I really hope I win this book:)

  30. And yay another contest! I just wanted to add that I love when bloggers do contests like these:) I hope I win and I hope to find many more giveaways like this in the future:)

  31. Hi Tina-I am going to sign up for this contest and look forward to getting Shelly Stuart’s book even if I win it for free or need to purchase it myself. I’m really getting into eBooks now. I have found some really amazingly informative ones recently on all subjects, not just celiac disease and the gluten-free diet. Wave of the future!

  32. Wow, it looks like there are a lot of people entering this contest, but I’m entering it anyway because you never know!

  33. Many doctors and many dollars later, I found a doctor whose first, second and third option was not surgery. Rid the gluten and rid most (not all) the problems.

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