Replacing Dry Milk in GF Recipes


I often come across people having trouble replacing milk or dry milk in their GF recipes. Here’s a list of some simple solutions I’ve find. Your own opinions and solutions are always welcome, too!

-If you don’t require a lactose-free substitute, you can use powdered baby formula or buttermilk powdered milk.

-If you’re lactose-intolerant, use Vance’s DariFree powder in plain powder, a perfect substitute for regular dry milk. Other lactose-free substitutes include almond meal, Ensure (which is GF), Coffee Mate (which is also GF), dry rice milk powder, dry soy milk powder, a variety of nut flours, and last—but certainly not least—coconut milk (yum!).

-If you’re worried that dry milk may contain gluten, you can set your mind at ease. You can find plenty of brands of gluten-free dry milk, such as NIDO by Nestle or Carnation. You can call up the companies for more information regarding their facilities.

-The road to becoming a great GF cook is one of experimentation. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Try GF bread recipes without any milk or powdered milk at all and see how it comes out. Sample different nut flours as substitutes and see what works best. Trial and error is how some of the best GF recipes were developed!

Hope you find this helpful in your GF baking!

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8 thoughts on “Replacing Dry Milk in GF Recipes

  1. I can’t believe it but last night I was actually making something that required dry milk powder and, having just found out I’m allergic to milk, I hadn’t yet learned what to replace this with. I was clueless! So I just left it out, and it only turned out okay (some pumpkin muffins). I’m so glad I have this information now. Thank you!!!!!

  2. Yes thank you for this!!! I have been looking for substitutes for sooo long. I’ve been using dry soy milk powder, but I discovered that my son is allergic to soy so I didn’t really know what to do. Plus I believe that one substitute may work in one but not in another, so it’s nice to have a lengthy list of dry milk substitutes on hand.

  3. This is really good to know! I’m printing this out and adding it to my little collection of helpful gluten-free cooking hints. What sucks about the Coffee Mate though is that it has coconut and soybean in the ingredients and I’m allergic to both:(

  4. Hi Tina I really appreciate the non-dairy options you give in your recipes and your help for non-dairy celiacs. It can be really tough sometimes avoiding these ingredients! Luckily I don’t encounter a need for dry milk in my recipes that often, and when I leave it out, it doesn’t make that much of a difference.

  5. Hi, Tina, thanks so much for the dry milk substitutes. I love to hear about people’s creative ways of substituting ingredients when they do allergy-free cooking. It’s brilliant some of the stuff people come up with! Like just ordinary housewives like me and not even educated chefs can come up with some good ideas.

  6. This is a great list! Thanks so much. I also like your dairy and other substitutions list on your recipes page. My favorite is replacing an egg with half a banana…works great and tastes delicious! At least in pancake recipes…

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