Gluten and Its Effects on Many- VIDEO EXPLAINING THIS!

Watch this very helpful video:


I really welcome your feedback and let me know if you learned from this video.


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8 thoughts on “Gluten and Its Effects on Many- VIDEO EXPLAINING THIS!

  1. This was a really fascinating look at the gluten-sensitive segment of the population. I know celiac awareness is increasing, but we need to get the word out about the food sensitivity to gluten.

  2. I found out I was gluten-sensitive ten years ago, and I have enjoyed a complete turn around in the way I feel, physically and mentally. If enough people see this video, we can get the millions of others just like me to take control of their lives. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. This was a great video! There are so many gluten-sensitive people out there, not just celiac. This is great for the whole gluten-free community to watch!

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