Why it’s Important to Raise the Celiac Diagnosis Rate

     As more and more people are diagnosed with celiac disease or gluten intolerance, awareness for the disease will increase, leading to more and more proper diagnoses. It is estimated that only three out of every hundred sufferers of celiac disease has been correctly diagnosed. In addition to increased diagnoses, the availability of gluten-free foods will increase. Gluten-free cooking and gluten-free recipes are becoming more and more prevalent in the United States, leading to gluten-free substitutes for foods like pasta, soy sauce, flour, and breakfast cereals. In countries where celiac diagnosis is high, it is common for restaurants to serve gluten-free foods as well. For example, in Sydney, Australia, every single pizzeria serves gluten-free pizza. As diagnosis increases in the United States, there will be more celiac and gluten-free support by restaurants, as well.      

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5 thoughts on “Why it’s Important to Raise the Celiac Diagnosis Rate

  1. That’s GREAT! But about the new findings on Corn and Rice being Gluten also?????
    Or does anyone have problems with Corn & Rice?????

  2. This is SO true, Tina. There are millions of people suffering out there with this disease who have no idea what lies behind their symptoms, and we need to do everything possible to help them!

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