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A cookie story and a family story is the story of MI-DEL. Mr. Samuel Midel started off with creating healthy cookies in Chicago. Originally, he created sugar-free cookies at home and for his two daughters, and these cookies were always eaten up so quickly he knew he was onto something.

Mr. Midel wanted to remain sugar-free and healthy, and with his very popular Honey Graham Cracker, things really exploded. I am sitting here nibbling on MI-DEL’s all-natural Chocolate Caramel Bite-Size Cookies, addictive and delicious, only one of the many offerings the company has for the celiac and gluten-free community. The Chocolate Chip, Ginger Snap, and Chocolate Sandwich Cookies sit by my side, and they all tasted just as good.

For anyone in the mood for a gluten-free sweet treat, MI-DEL satisfies that desire perfectly. The sandwich cookies look like Oreos and taste even better! Now that’s saying something.


Mr. Midel’s daughter’s husband now runs his fifty-year-old company, which is continuing to develop more gluten-free products.

You can purchase these products all over these days. Just look at any health food store and if yours does not carry them, place a request. http://midelcookies.com/category/products/gluten-free/ and you may order on line.


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34 thoughts on “MI-DEL – Company and Food Review

  1. We love MI-DEL cookies in our house, and have recently started to introduce a GF, sugar free diet, so I would love a chance to try the sample pack of cookies. Our favourite is the ginger snaps. They are awesome. It would be nice to try the chocolate chip, vanilla sandwich and chocolate sandwich cookies as we haven’t tried them yet.

  2. If I should win the free cookies I’d give them to people in my Gluten Free Food Assistance Program. I’ve been running this program for 3 years and have helped so many under privileged families who do not have the money to buy GF foods.
    I’ve loved Mi-Del since the year 2000 when I was first diagnosed …it was my comfort cookie….love to share that same experience with others.

  3. oooooooohhhh – my granddaughter. She loves your animal crackers so much that she actually had a dream about them the other night and called me to be sure that her favorites were safe and well in my pantry. Too cute

  4. I would love to share these with my granddaughter. I am the celiac but share everything with my granddaughter.

  5. I would share them with my gluten-eating family and not worry about the cookie crumbs! I have a package of the chocolate chip cookies in my pantry — delicious!

  6. My daughter and I would share the cookies with her Grandpa. My daughter is a 7 year old Brownie Girl Scout and it is cookie time around here. Grandpa, Mommy and Faith are all gluten free so we would love to have some cookies of our own to eat and share! Maybe even share them with the troop so they know how good they are!

  7. I will share these yummy cookies with my daughter, who just had a baby and definitely has no time to bake!

  8. I miss the sandwich cookies. But I can have these. I would have to share them with my grown children. That’s one thing we couldn’t give up with a few of us being celiacs now, is sitting around the table playing board games and eating cookies with milk all night.

  9. I love sharing the Gluten Free Food finds! I love to share GF with my husband that has Celiac Disease like me and with the various support groups in the local and surrounding areas of where I live. Looking foward to winning! Diane

  10. As a Registered Dietitian, I am always looking for new products to share with my patients. These would be a GREAT example of how gluten free foods can still be delicious!

  11. My six year old is allergic to wheat. When he used to also be allergic to eggs, I had to bake all his cookies, cupcakes, and crackers from scratch. I even made ice cream cones and graham crackers! Now that he’s no longer allergic to eggs, he’s happy to have delicious gluten free cookies like these, and so are all his friends! Having yummy treats that are “different” yet taste “normal” goes a long way in making a kid with allergies not feel “different.”

  12. I just entered the giveaway and can’t wait to WIN ha ha ha! If not, I’ll just have to order some cookies myself anyway!

  13. these are the best gluten free cookies I have had. It’s great to hear this is a family owned company,

  14. I would love to share these cookies with my wheat free 5-year-old daughter! She goes to birthday parties looking sadly at all the cakes and cupcakes, wishing she could have some. These cookies could be the perfect solution to the birthday party problem!


  15. My dearest friends child who is four is GF! I would love nothing more than to suprise her with these yummy cookies!
    In fact she turns five next week!!!! She will love them. My twin daughters are very conscience of what she eats and would like to suprise her for her birthday with the cookies!

  16. This could come at a better time in my life. We are starting my son on a gluten free diet as he’s been having stomach problems.

    I would be sharing these cookies with other moms in our MOMS Club Int’l group. A few other kids are experiencing the same situation as we are. Thanks for sharing your products!

  17. I’d bring them to my daughter’s preschool class. She can never have any of the treats the teacher provides. I’d love to be the cool mom who shows up with safe and yummy cookies.

  18. YUMMO! Would absolutely love to try your sandwich cookies especially. Like Susette, I’ve only tried the ginger snaps. I’m gluten-free and dairy-free, so I’m not usually able to share snacks with my 3 year-old daughter (gluten tolerant). Would be really nice to be able to do so! She usually calls my snacks “Mommy’s yucky food.” lol

  19. Hello,
    I love the taste and the way Mi-Del GF snacks make me feel after eating them. I would share them with everyone. They’re great for GF and Non-GF cookie lovers!

  20. Sesame thins (original)- not bad, good with soups
    Ginger snaps: delish! Great texture. Perfect sweetness
    Chocolate caramel: wow! Great texture! Love the aftertaste
    Chocolate chip cookies: weird aftertaste
    Chocolate sandwich- light! Melts in your mouth. Not too sweet
    KAME: taste really good! Taste like a great asian cracker

  21. The Ginger snaps have 80’s packaging, good texture, and ok taste
    The Chocolate sandwich I like! Good taste and white stuff is yummy

  22. I love the Ginger snaps! mm! I love these! So tasty! And the Chocolate sandwich taste like an oreo! Perfect! The KAME is salty – good for beach day

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