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Raw Revolution bars are kosher, vegan, and preservative-free, without refined sugars, gluten, soy, wheat, peanut, or animal products. All their products are made in a facility which is gluten-, peanut-, and animal-product-free.

Along with 17 other testers, I tasted their various bars, and there was not a single one out of the ten that we didn’t like. My absolute favorite is the Spirulina and Cashew, which has other ingredients such as sprouted flaxseeds, agave, dates, and ground almonds. It felt as if every bite was giving my body life.

All the bars were unique in flavor—Coconut & Agave, Raspberry & Chocolate, and Raisin & Chocolate to name a few.

Raw Indulgence is the company name founded by a registered nurse and natural foods chef. She developed a passion for preparing and eating raw foods, making alternatives to her two-year-old son’s snacks. Friends loved her snacks and suggested she go into business. But how could she, as the mother of an active two-year-old? Still, she tested and developed her first brownies, and the response was overwhelming. The rest is history.

Raw Revolution currently offers 14 products. Their Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough has chips with soy and soy lecithin, yet all other products are guaranteed soy-free. All ingredients are certified organic and are raw, living foods and carry more nutrients than your typical cooked foods and processed bars. One bar goes a long way!

We felt with the denseness of the ingredients it would be best to be sure and up ones intake of water while eating these bars, especially for those with a sensitive stomach, healing gut or high fiber sensitivity. If you were diagnosed celiac, then discuss this with your doctor.

See the video review on these nutritious bars here or below.

 Raw Revolution- Review


Tina Turbin

Note: Unfortunately, my staff and I have called the company several times to ask some important questions for celiacs such as regarding their facility and testing, and we haven’t heard back or should say very seldom have they returned my call and then do not answer once again for many days or even over a week. We have never been able to get our questions answered at date of this post.

From our home to yours, Tina Turbin
If you have any questions or suggestions just email me at info (at) GlutenFreeHelp.info.

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17 thoughts on “Raw Revolution Bars

  1. Mmm the flavors really do sound unique! I am intrigued by the agave and coconut flavor. I also am interested in the one with raisins. Sometimes I do get quite bored with all the regular flavors–peanut butter, chocolate, etc. Raspberry chocolate is becoming more and more popular and I’m glad because it seems to be a good flavor in general and it’s not too common where it’s still unique but you know it’ll probably be good from trying chocolate raspberry stuff in the past.

  2. I’m really getting into raw foods myself! I highly recommend sunfood.com if you want to find a bunch of raw food products to order. You can find lots of brands like Raw Revolution. It’s a great lifestyle choice to go raw, but even if you just want to eat more raw food and not go totally raw, the benefits are still amazing!

  3. These are the BEST! I highly recommend them. The chocolate chip cookie dough flavor is my favorite. When you eat these bars they taste so good but they also FEEL really good in your body. It’s like your body just absorbs all the raw nutrients into its cells. There are a lot of flavors to choose from so it’s hard to get bored. I recommend this as a healthy mid-afternoon snack. It will pick you up out of any slump!

  4. Boy you are on a roll with these nutrition bar recommendations, but I think they are improving over all. I remember when the options for gluten free protein bars were so limited and didn’t taste very good at all. I really like that the protein bars are coming out raw too and also sugar free and have other nutritional benefits and aren’t just meal replacement or protein bars because I’m not just interested in getting some calories and protein but I’d like to adhere to my healthy diet at the same time.

  5. Wow I really love to hear the great stories behind these companies! I have a two year old myself and that’s so cool that a mom just like me could start something like this great company just by trying to take good care of her child. Doesn’t it seem to be single mommies who launch these companies? Not always, but I think more often than not, that’s what you hear.

  6. I’m telling you, I absolutely love your reviews, Tina. They are so sincere and you seem to have great taste because I always agree with you haha! But seriously though I love that you’re not a high and mighty food critic that is super picky but instead you have such a practical perspective when you’re trying things. Thanks a bunch for all of these recommendations. I’m very rarely disappointed!

  7. Hi Tina we sell these at our store and it’s incredibly popular. A friend of mine let me have one of her bars one day and I was so impressed that I ordered them to sell them ourselves. They are so good and they FEEL so good. I highly recommend this bar!

  8. Hey Tina I would count these bars among my new favorite items since I’ve gone fairly raw the past few months. In general I’d like to recommend a raw diet to people who are looking to increase their energy levels. I haven’t had this much energy in YEARS! I literally feel like how I did when I was a kid. I have just as much energy as my three children now. It’s pretty amazing the effect your diet can have on you!

  9. I’m sorry to hear that they don’t get back to you regarding celiac-related issues however I have tried this bar myself and didn’t feel sick afterwards.

  10. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve found that I’m sensitive to soy so I’m trying to learn about as many non-soy bars as possible. Sounds like a special one here.

  11. These remind me of the Boomi Bar. Has anyone had that? I think that’s what it’s called anyway. I am such a fan of raw stuff and it totally blows my mind how great they can make it taste!

  12. • Chocolate and coconut: very chocolaty and yummy. I like coconut
    • Chocolate chip cookie dough- didn’t taste good
    • Chocolate and cashew: I like this! So healthy
    • Cashew and agave nectar: so rich and nutty
    • Coconut and agave: very rich and smooth, very good
    • Spirulina: healthy tasting
    • Hazelnut and chocolate: mmm…like chocolate coffee
    • Tropical mango: yummy! Good mango taste
    • Raspberry and chocolate: my fave of the RR line! So tasty
    • Raisins and chocolate: tastes like dirt
    Overall: I love this brand! Tasty treats that are SUPER healthy

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