Smart Treat – A Terrific Gluten-Free Company

(I am not paid or given any incentive to write one way or the other.  What you are about to read is from me to you, my honest opinion.)

Each Gluten-Free bite was unique, wholesome and had our taste buds asking for more.

My Florida field testers and I had quite a reaction to the Smart Treat presentation as well as the diverse flavors in the various products they have.

The “treats” are baked to order in their gluten-free facility, up in the mountains in North Carolina.  They are extremely fresh and loaded with well chosen wholesome ingredients.

When you hear the word gluten-free BRITTLES, I know what we expected.  We were off the mark totally.  Smart Treats Brittles were loaded with organic sunflower seeds and unsulfured dried fruit and just the right sweetness from organic brown rice syrup.  These were healthy and nutrient dense—besides delicious.  These come in six different flavors.

The gluten-free chocolate cups were out of this world delicious!  Comes in seven flavors and looks like a large Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, but so much better and of course much healthier.

Smart Treat carries quite an assortment of treats but the name can be misleading only because they carry a large assortment of breads, muffins, rolls, buns, croutons, donuts, scones, etc.

When Bonnie Fiedler retired from the fashion industry in New York in 1994, little did she know she’d be hands-on, running her own gluten-free company with partner Randy, and with allergies to wheat arising this only spiked an interest in the gluten-free world.

Bonnie is still very hands-on despite the success of Smart Treat.  All orders are freshly made and all recipes have been well tested by the many palates of the Green Market customers in New York City.

Smart Treat can be found in many stores, yet Bonnie and Randy did not want to lose touch with their on-line customers.  As a result they offer some of their best sellers on-line with free delivery of any order over $40.

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4 thoughts on “Smart Treat – A Terrific Gluten-Free Company

  1. I have to admit I’ve never heard of this company before but after reading this review I’m going to def try it!

  2. I definitely have a sweet tooth, but what I really like about Smart Treat are the non-sweet foods, especially their croutons and scones. Okay, I guess scones are sweet, but less so than their other stuff. Two thumbs up!

  3. I had a similar experience tasting the brittle from this company. I was totally expecting Peanut Brittle. Oh well:/ It was still pretty good though.

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