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I need to start out by letting you know that what I share with you in this review may just change your life! The subject at hand is cookies. Yes, cookies. Those delectable little (or large) morsels of “yum.” When it comes to gluten-free cookies, we celiacs tend to compromise and like our newfound cookies. The love affair we once had is shoved to the side in denial. The longing hidden behind in search for the taste we once could have.

Well, look no further, cookies fans. I found the company, the team, the gluten-free cookies: Liz Lovely! Yes, this is her name—the name of the creator and the name of my new treasured find, tucked away in the green mountains of Waitsfield, Vermont.

Liz Lovely carries an array of 1-pack cookies (2 per pack) weighing in at a dense and whopping 6.3 oz, various apricot, mango and ginger specialty items, and a beautiful gift box option of any assortment your heart desires.
When I bit into and gobbled up my first GF chocolate fudge cookie—well, I simply looked at my husband and noticed his large fudge cookie was gone, too. We both grinned in delight and agreed this was the moistest and most “true-to-chocolate” cookie we’d had in years.

I proceeded to look in the box and open another flavor, GF chocolate chip. Well, folks, this cookies is the epitome of a true chocolate chip cookie, with a dough we all know—yes, Tollhouse cookie dough. It took me back to the pleasure moments of eating that dough out of the mixing bowl as a child. Liz told me the secret is the way she bakes it.

With Liz’s love of sugar and her hubby Dan’s love of Liz, they have created a company that completely aligns with their basic beliefs. Their company bakes completely from scratch—no filler, flavoring, or shortcuts, with only socially responsible sources for their products and, as Liz says, “We accept nothing less than perfection.”

The future holds some exciting news for Liz Lovely’s: a factory tour, more cookies, and a print catalog. She shared the fact her hubby’s all into that King Arthur. In fact, it was Dan who suggested Liz delve into the GF industry after frequent calls about her original Liz Lovely (then non-GF) requesting GF cookies. She wasn’t into the idea until she found her secret flour blend. Though her facility is not a dedicated GF facility, she assured me she runs strict standards and that her GF is tested at less than 5 ppm.

Go to and order some GF treats. I even suggest sending a box or two to your friends and family. I did, and they were thrilled!

By the way, these cookies last a full year in the freezer. It you’re not satisfied, just let King Arthur know, and he’ll take good care of you. I’m sure you will be quite satisfied, though. Happy Eating!

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32 thoughts on “Liz Lovely

  1. These are some of the most amazing GF cookies I’ve ever tasted – the first time I had them I could barely stop myself from eating them. Been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of sinking my teeth into a snickerdoodle so winning the Liz Lovely give-away would be such a treat.

  2. The cookies look amazing! I have to try these. I think I will get some for an upcoming ski trip w/ my sister, who is also GF.

  3. OMG try the chocolate mint ones frozen they are so excellent but frozen is unbelievable! I met both Liz and Dan almost 11 yrs ago when they started company in Philly they were sampling at the North Wales Whole Foods and my family has been hooked every since!

  4. I have been a Liz Lovely fan for years. My absolute favorite gluten-free Liz Lovely cookie is Ginger Molasses. They’ve got that moist chewiness and warming ginger bite, mellowed just enough by the molasses to be dangerously delicious. 🙂 Yum!

  5. The Liz Lovely’s GF Ginger Molasses take me back to my Grandmother’s kitchen…They are all fantastic, but that one is my fav.

  6. Liz Lovely has offered what we need with a girl teen who needs to be gluten-free. “Normal”, “store bought”, cookies “my friends like.” We make sure to have them around Girl Scout cookie time (the troop has even sold them.)

  7. Liz Lovely’s cookies are amazing! When I was diagnosed with a gluten allergy, I thought my days of enjoying these cookies were over. I was pleasantly surprised when I learned they had started a gluten-free line. The GF cookies are just as delicious (if not more so) than the ones with wheat! I haven’t tried all of the flavors, so winning this box really would be a treat.

  8. I’ve been vegan for 15 years, so I started eating Liz lovely cookies when they first came out, before i had to go gluten free! They are the best cookies I’ve ever had, vegan, gluten free, or otherwise! The chocolate snapdragon is my favorite! I cant find them anywhere in Ks. anymore. 🙁 Glad I found your site!

  9. Lovely Liz’s GF cookies are so fabulous! As a college student, it’s so nice to be able to buy fun, tasty cookies that aren’t marketed to children. Gotta love Liz!

  10. Oh..I saw a picture of some Liz Lovley chocolate covered peanut butter cookies that almost made me drool!!! Anyone tried them?

  11. I discoverd Liz Lovely cookies while vacationing in Vermont. They are just simply delicious! I’ve also shared her treats with other GF friends for their birthdays. Thank you!
    Jo Anne

  12. I had never heard of LL until my local GF store had samples out. I tested every single one and was blown away! By far the BEST GF cookies I’ve had!! And I love what their company is about!!

  13. My daughter got me some of Liz Lovely’s Gluten Free cookies as a gift. They were fantastic! I loved them. It was a really nice gift! I recommended them to my friends who also eat gluten free foods.

  14. Wow! These cookies have changed my gluten-free, egg allergy, life!! Finally a delicious gluten-free baked treat my whole family can enjoy!

  15. I have celiac (found out about 1 year ago) and I just tried coconut-lemon and ginger molasses, it was amazing……finally a cookie that tastes like one I remember instead of cardboard. Thank you soooooo much!!!!

  16. OMG! Just had a birthday and happen to pick some up in San Francisco at one of the CoOps there. They are amazing, so decadent and delectable. No one in there right mind would even know these are vegan in fact they are so good I would venture to say that they would turn a carnivore into a herbivore with one bite. YUM!

  17. I’ve tried hundreds of gluten free treats, but Liz Lovely’s gluten free chocolate brownies are absolutely my favorite. I keep some in my freezer so I don’t run out. Serious chocolate!

  18. These are the first gluten free cookies I have ever found that come in so many different kinds. I have not been able to find a good gluten free chocolate cookie since I was diagnosed with celiac but these look amazing! Yum! I would be honored to try them. Thanks!

  19. I love the variety you offer! I hope to try some of these soon! I run the page Gluten Free Review on Facebook and love to review new items my page patrons may not be aware of!

  20. My Mom, Brother & I are all on a gluten-free diet and these cookies are incredible!
    I’m also Vegan and its always hard to find a quality cookie that meets my standards!

    We would love to sample the different kinds and spread the word about the magic tastiness that is LIZ LOVELY COOKIES!

  21. The cookies sound fantastic!! I have a friend who has a mom with celiac disease and these would be great to sample and also give some to her for her mom!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

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