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I interviewed RC Fine Foods Corporate Executive Chef, Anthony Todaro, after testing three of their soup bases as well as a unique food thickeners; and an array of Caulis’, all GF of course. He informed me their products are available through Redi-Base for the home consumer.

RC Fine Foods is broadly known for their superior-quality products since 1977. They sit on the shelves of many of the finest restaurants, spas, hotels, and cruise ships. Recognizing the needs of the gluten-free community they now have at least many products which I tested along with my field testers and staff. The quality is superb and taste the taste is like “homemade.”

The GF chicken base assisted me in making the most delicious “homemade” chicken soup. Every single person said it was the best chicken soup they had ever had. The flavor was clear and true to taste. With all-fresh and preservative-free ingredients, I can see why.

I then took this same base and added the GF thickener and created a sauce per the Chef’s suggestions and added sautéed mushrooms. I served it over sliced chicken breast. Wow! I was able to make a superb and fine restaurant style in flavor, Chicken Francaise Sauce.

In addition to this, I added more thickener. Now I had myself gravy which we served over GF biscuits. These products are so adaptable I was getting the idea now how the restaurant cruise ship chefs feel; the products are versatile, enabling any cook or chef to create limitless possibilities supplied with basics from RC Fine Foods.

I have not even hinted on the beef base, which only opened my repertoire of sauces even more. I must mention that Cook’s Illustrated Magazine/America’s test Kitchen seems to agree, as this item alone was one of their 40 Top-Rated  Brands in the Essential Pantry!

If you are in the mood for an elegant display of coulis on your plate, RC Fine Foods has developed the gluten-free line to suit our very needs. With a variety of flavors to test, we were all amazed at how versatile one bottle lends itself. Besides creating aesthetically pleasing plates, we used the same bottle for Dessert Sushi, Cold Cantaloupe and Mango Soup, Mango Salsa. The potentials with these products are literally limitless and rewarding for any cook or chef.

They are a family-run business, have grown to have their own 48,000-square-foot facility in New Jersey as their headquarters and have over 250 items. They offer recipe ideas on their website and kitchen tips to their larger accounts. They have increased their gluten-free product line as well as help support the awareness of celiac disease by offering more to their many accounts—the many chefs running these hotels, spas, restaurants, and cruise ships. In the meantime, I’m content having what’s available.

Anthony Todaro, CEC informed me they do not test their foods or guarantee their coulis mixes or RC Reserve Collection Bases to be gluten free. He said their lab does have gluten and are segregated by allergen in their warehouse. I can only say that two of us are EXTREMELY sensitive celiacs. We had no reaction the Bases at all. The two of us with the greatest sensitivities did not taste the coulis.


You can order many GF products at RC Fine Food GF products at the website, www.redibase.com. Please read more for yourself at their site, www.RCfinefoods.com and if you have any specific questions feel free to ask for Chef Anthony Todaro.

Note: A very little goes a long way as it is quite concentrated. Save money, and have the flavor of a fine restaurant without the preservatives, in your very home! You will be very happy.

Tina Turbin

From our home to yours, Tina Turbin
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  1. Great company review. Tina, I really like all you do for the community. My wife and I both frequent your site and get many ideas. Two of our kids are celiac and one is off all grains. My hats off to you! Randy

  2. I’m so glad to see another company, and a large one at that, acknowledging the need to address the Gluten-free community’s needs! I’d like to share these products with some of the restaurants I have association with who need guidance on ways to meet this growing market of consumers! Like your website — very informative!

  3. My cooking has been really boring for awhile. These bases could be just what I need! I checked the website, but the product information link was not working. Do you know if they contain soy?

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