The Universal Gluten-Free Symbol and How to Get It on Your Gluten-Free Product


GREAT Foodservice, which is a program of the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA), has selected a symbol as the “universal gluten-free symbol” for brand association participants to use: a grain representing wheat with a cross-out mark, which is already widely used internationally. This will help  non-native English speakers, pre-literate children, and non-literate consumers to manage their gluten-free diet.

Any company can get their gluten-free product registered with GREAT to make use of this incredible service today!


Submission of application and payment of $100 per product

List of ingredients and copy of label

Letter of gluten-free verification from each supplier

HACCP or Gluten (Allergen) Control Plan

Audited Third Party Test Results and ongoing batch testing

Health or USDA certificate

Copy of liability insurance

Submission of contract

For more information contact: or 215.325.1306 x 105 or visit and click on GREAT.


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10 thoughts on “The Universal Gluten-Free Symbol and How to Get It on Your Gluten-Free Product

  1. This is really wonderful to see this label! I’ve heard that this was coming out but I didn’t know what it looked like. Labeling is just so important when it comes to staying gluten-free and helping the gf community. Glad to see a universal label has finally come out.

  2. Wow there are a lot of requirements huh to get this label? That’s refreshing to know! I am just a consumer with no gluten free products of my own so I was like, what’s the point in me reading this, but now I’m glad I did because it makes me especially confident about the gluten free foods I eat which bare this designation.

  3. Yes I agree it’s about time. I remember signing a petition for this I think maybe 5 years ago? It’s nice to see when things actually happen because of something you did to help or contribute.

  4. Yeah this is supposed to be a great designation because the requirements are very stringent from what I understand and as you can see in this list of requirements here.

  5. Glad to see it’s finally come out. Does anyone know when it came out? I heard it talked about for quite a while.

  6. AllergyEats ( is proud to be partnered with the NFCA to display this logo next to all participating restaurants. In addition, we are partnered with the Gluten Intolerance Group on their Gluten-Free Restaurant Awareness Program to do the same. So when you run a restaurant search on AllergyEats, you will see one of these logos in the right column next to any restaurant that participates in that specific program.

  7. What is that yellow thing in the center of the design anyway? Wheat? I don’t get it. Does anyone else think this symbol could look a little better?

  8. I am glad to see this exists however I have no gluten free products to put this on. I will keep an eye out for the symbol.

  9. Ha they finally have it out! Or maybe I’m just hearing about it now?? I don’t know…I get very out of the loop sometimes. Does anyone know when this thing came out?

  10. Wow the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness has really done so much. I remember back when we were all talking about these things and even though we have a long way to go there really has been SO much progress. After all, gluten-free foods are the fastest growing specialty foods industry. Woo hoo! More food for us:)

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