Which Green Tea Brands Are Gluten-Free

It seems to me that tea is typically gluten-free unless it has additives, but the teabags could possibly have gluten ingredients. Here a re a few familiar names which you may have on your shelves:

Lipton’s Green Tea: The decaf is perfect when you want to enjoy the taste of green tea without the caffeine jolt in the evening. I called the company and they verified their tea is gluten-free.

Trader Joe’s


Celestial Seasonings

Yogi Pure Green Decaf (certified organic): Their flavored teas may have barley malt, but not the pure teas.

Salada Green Tea


Bigalow teas at times do use barley in some flavors, so you may want to avoid them. 

For information about several tea manufacturers’ products check out:

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24 thoughts on “Which Green Tea Brands Are Gluten-Free

  1. Thanks so much for this list. I absolutely love green tea and have been avoiding buying it and using a black tea instead which I know to be gluten free. There’s something about green tea that just makes me feel so pure when I have it, as if I’m being detoxified and I know there are lots of other health benefits such as the antioxidants.

  2. Of course everyone don’t forget to check with the manufacturer regularly to make sure that these teas still are gluten free! companies will just change things sometimes at random so you never know!

  3. Yogi Pure Green is my fave because it’s caffeine free, and ohhhh how I miss Trader Joes! Maybe I’ll have a friend in CA send me some of their green tea. I remember it being very good!

  4. If you have a Teavanna around where you live I highly recommend going there and getting their gluten free tea and also they have some really nice tea pots and sets and these make great gifts for family and friends…and you! There’s something about using a gorgeous Japanese tea set that makes tea so much better!

  5. You know, I just don’t like green tea that much. I like it mixed with jasmine, but my favorite is oolong if I’m in the mood for something Asian. My favorite is tea is black tea, and I’ve heard that it has antioxidants as well and also something in it that helps prevent plaque buildup, interestingly enough!

  6. Hi Tina thanks for sharing these brands! I am a Tazo girl myself, but I’ve been curious about other tea brands because I’m often out and about and with other people and I see these other teas and I’m not sure if I can have them or not. I usually just bring some tea bags with me, but I’ll check out these other brands the next time I have the opportunity.

  7. I just wanted to add that there really are many choices out there of gluten-free green tea! That makes me smile:) I felt like there were hardly any options for my favorite foods when I went gluten-free, but actually the glass looks half full to me now as I notice more and more companies offer gluten free products. Yay!

  8. I’m happy Starbucks seems to offer a good amount of gluten free alternatives although they could certainly be better, but at least they offer Tazo green tea, which I always get when I go there with friends.

  9. Watch out for Tazo, their flavor Green Ginger DOES contain gluten. It’s on their website, but it’s annoying to get to the information.

  10. Not all Tazo teas are gluten free. You’ll want to check their website, but the green ginger, honeybush, and a couple of other are not gluten free.

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