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Who would have known that there would be a particular granola that would make me become a lover of cereal and granolas? I’ve never been fond of them because of their high-carb and high-sugar qualities; healthier granola alternatives tasted like shredded cardboard with flavors that gave me the impression of chewing on a tree. Laughing Giraffe Organics has thoroughly disabused me of this basic concept of granola. I not only love this granola for breakfast, I find it’s a perfect “pick-me-up” snack throughout my day. With names like Cranberry Orange Cacao, how can one go wrong?
My favorite of the three granolas ? Don’t ask me to choose! I guess this is why Whole Foods chose to support this company’s three granolas and “vanilla almond snackaroons,” lending money to the owners to ensure this venture would succeed, which it no doubt has.
Justin Baumgartner, Phoenix, Arizona native, and his brother, Josh Daniels, stay on top of the daily production of their four popular products, ensuring no bag goes out violating their strict standards of organic, raw, vegan, and free of wheat, dairy, soy, and peanut. The facility adheres to these standards, too.


Justin is a self-taught chef and certified holistic health counselor and studied in New York under some of the most notable stars in the New York vegan and raw food community before returning to Phoenix to launch Laughing Giraffe Organics at only 31 years of age. It is now a thriving company with in-demand products from the finest retailers in the U.S.

The Pineapple Macadamia Coconut Cacao is loaded with large hunks of macadamia nuts with a hint of the tropics and just the slightest aroma of cacao dancing in your mouth. Being a ginger lover, I adore the Walnut Pecan Cherry Ginger Granola with its large hunks to grab as a snack or break up into smaller bites to dance in my bowl with rice milk as I dive in with my spoon, one bite at a time. The flavor is outrageous. No other word can describe it.Justin lives his motto, “Made for people by people,” and his products very much exemplify this.

This food company is given a thumbs up and

is HIGHLY recommended by me.

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16 thoughts on “Laughing Giraffe Organics

  1. It’s amazing! The granola is extremely hearty. Bring it on hikes; mix it in with trail mix, or just great for a snack. Lots of different flavors. i give it a 10! You’re sure to find one you’ll really enjoy!

    Here’s what I thought about a couple of them:
    Cranberry orange cocao tastes like a bike trail!!! And the Vanilla almond is a better rice crispy treat! Best one

  2. This is an amazing company! I love all of their flavors and are great with milk. My favorite would have to be the “Vanilla Almond”. That one was extremely delicious. The Walnut pecan cherry ginger is soft for granola and very good with a mild ginger flavor.

  3. I love this company! The Cranberry orange cocao are sooooooo good! I buy this all the time! It makes my body feel good! The Vanilla almond are really good too! The coconut is really nice.

  4. My Favorite two flavors from this company is the Cranberry orange cacao which is very healthy tasting and a good bar! I also like the Vanilla almond which is amazing

  5. This granola is incredible. Vanilla almond was addicting – literally couldn’t stop eating it! Cranberry pumpkin, cacao and the other flavors like pineapple coconut and cherry ginger made for such an incredibly satisfying snack! Glad to know also that these products are carried in Whole Foods.

  6. It’s hard to find a snack that my 4 kids all enjoy, but this granola is hands-down LOVED by all of them. When I introduced them to the products, it was almost like dessert for them, and they kept asking for 2nds. I know that parents will be happy to know that their kids are remaining healthy while having their “treats”.

  7. The pumpkin, cacao granola is some of the best ever and makes for a great addition to yogurt or a delicious ice cream topping. In fact I’ve just added it to my grocery list for the next time I shop at Whole Foods – it’s a must for the pantry!

  8. Wow, thank you so much for this review! I’ve loved this company since day 1 — the vanilla almond snackaroos impart a most delightful taste and well, for anyone that hasn’t tried the product, they are definitely missing out.

  9. My 2 kids are very picky eaters and usually only eat one particular kind of cereal, however they are very partial to Laughing Giraffe products. Hard to believe that these are gluten-free! And happy to say that both kids liked all flavors, especially the pineapple coconut.

  10. Yummm…! This is so good! I can eat this all day…!
    Love the cinnamon and raisins in the Cranberry Orange Granola.

  11. Just enough sweet and cinnamon… but the nuts are what I love about the Cranberry Orange granola.
    It’s more of a “trail mix” snack than a granola… only so much better and absolutely delighting!

  12. My favorite is absolutely the Vanilla Almond snack.
    It is such a treat, it’s more like a dessert so I have a problem since
    my husband keeps on sneaking my snack…!

  13. I really like the Walnut Pecan flavor is wonderful if you are a Ginger lover.
    You must try it because it is so healthy, so delicious and soooo… addicting!

  14. OK guys, I confess, I can’t get enough of this Macadamia Coconut thing.
    These nutty things they drive me nuts… I love it!
    Oh, you’ve got to try it with milk (any kind that works for you).
    You’ll see… you’ll fall in love with it too!

  15. Really good for all you Ginger lovers!
    I had a bit of a problem with the Walnut Pecan flavor. Something about it didn’t fit in.
    It’s a bit too spicy but you would love it if you are a Ginger lover.

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