My Personal Story with Bio-K Plus

While on a three-week book tour last fall in New England, I spent many meals dodging gluten, often driving away still hungry. Many days I know I ingested gluten from hidden sources or even an unclean grill, due to the effects I experienced soon after; the gluten was taking its toll.

My intestines and joints burning, I stopped at a Whole Foods. I saw some little bottles—Bio-K+, which I’ve seen for years. I grabbed one and pushed my cart forward. I couldn’t wait. I opened up the bottle and took a large gulp of the liquid contents. I felt immediate relief and knew, “Something is right here!” I finished the little bottle and proceeded to tell my husband I wanted to buy more.

Now my husband knows me, knows the years of troubles without the correct diagnosis, and now knows clearly the signs that I’ve ingested some gluten inadvertently. He also knows me well enough that when I say something makes me feel better, he’s 100% behind it. He purchased for me a small box of six, and off we went.

My symptoms usually take three to seven days to get better, which I call my period of “recovery.” By the next day my symptoms were better, and I could actually feel my small intestines inflammation subsiding drastically. I’ve spoken to many celiacs, and it does seem that this three to seven day recovery period is common.

Well, needless to say, I came home and have been using this same product Bio-K+ since my fall 2008 book tour. I have not had a simple adverse effect since taking it. I’ve elected to take the dairy-free Bio-K+, which is soy-based, and I can’t recommend a finer product.

There are 50 billion live and active bacteria per bottle. Fresh-culture Bio-K+ bacteria resist stomach acid and bile salt and works with the intestinal tract to get results—like mine.

I am going to ask them to join me on another upcoming radio show and get some more questions answered.

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15 thoughts on “My Personal Story with Bio-K Plus

  1. Thanks Tina I picked up some Bio K Plus after reading a review of yours from earlier and it definitely seems like a superior product. I highly recommend it to others.

  2. Yikes! Accidental gluten ingestion is no fun! Can you imagine we ever ate this stuff regularly and FOR YEARS? How did we survive??

  3. I have been hearing so much about probiotics…I think it’s time to give it a try! This brand really sounds like a great find.

  4. A great tip thank you!I usually use enzymes but it sounds like Bio K worked much faster for you than what I use!

  5. I just wanted to say I agree with you entirely on this brand. It helps me more than any other supplement in the case of cross contamination. Two thumbs up!

  6. FYI – Bio-K now makes a brown rice formula that is Gluten Free! I just found out at 51 that I am Celiac and I am taking a whole bottle daily for a few weeks to kick start the healing process. Feel better already!

  7. I just had the same experience as u with Bio k. I have been doing gluten free for 2 weeks now and haven’t felt better, which I know it takes time, but knew I needed probiotics. I picked up some Bio k yesterday and sipped it thru the day. For the first time in years the gouging pain in my side subsided. The imflammation in my lower back and hips went down 50%. I couldn’t believe as I laid on the couch with my heating pad that I wasn’t in agony. I slept on my side last night without a knife piercing my hip. I’ve taken so many different probiotics thru the years and have always gotten worse feelings…gas…bloating…etc. I am beyond excited of the thought that just maybe this is my key to a painfree life!

  8. Can I bring bio k with me while I am traveling
    How long it will take to loose beneficial bacteria if it’s not in the fridge

    1. I am not entirely sure the rate of loss of benefit. I always see them kept refrigerated when I buy them at my local store. You can always travel with some dry ice and store them in the hotel fridge. Even if your room doesn’t have a mini fridge, the hotel usually has one they can store items for you in.

  9. I would love to try this. I have had for the past year bloating and burning stomach with reflux on and off. Developed all sorts of food sensitivities overnight. Was healthy and good weight. Wondering Is the fermented soy formula good for women and hormones as well as breast cancer in family?

    1. You would have to contact them directly. I know only form first hand experience that everyone i know with Cancer stuff is told to stay far away from soy. That being said, this is fermented so it may act different in your body. Plus I feel small amounts of soy are not a big problem, its more so constant use of soy as well as eating from plastic ( as the plastic goes into your food). But like I said, I am not a professional. Just a mom who likes to be healthy 🙂

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