Gluten-Free Sauces: Cielo Sauce Works

Situated in beautiful Gorham, Maine is the manufacturing plant of Cielo (pronounced chee-el-o) Sauce Works, a company founded and owned by husband-and-wife team, Walter and Tracey Tolson.

They’re quite proud of  their three Italian GF and DF sauces, Arrabiata sauce, spicy (yet mild) pizza sauce—smooth, sweet, and flavorful, and their classic pasta sauces, a perfect blend of ingredients which I’ll share with you.

Cielo Sauce Works never uses MSG, fillers, thickeners, starches, modifiers, or animal products. All their sauces are simmered long and slow, always in small batches so they can deliver a high quality. Bursting-with-flavor sauces is their standard.

My team and I tested all three sauces in a variety of dishes and meals, and we’re still raving about them. We’re ordering more. Here is a delicious new recipe shared from one of my helpful field testers.


The pizza sauce delivers a perfect blend of flavors as a topping to any good-quality pizza dough. We made goat cheese and peppers pizza, sausage pizza, and vegan pizza. The Arrabiata sauce was another favorite. We all attempted our own dishes, 6 different ones in all. The Mahi Mahi Arrabiata created by one of my testers was out-of-this-world. We even used this Arrabiata as a dipping sauce for our GF baked cheese sticks for those who can eat dairy.

Now let me tell you about their classic pasta sauce. It is a slow-simmered delicious result of mixing together tomatoes, herbs, garlic, vegetable stock, sea salt, olive oil, red wine, and sweet Vidalia onions. It is lightly chunky with a full-body base and will totally transform any pasta dish into a meal anyone will enjoy and any host will be proud of. We tried it alone over GF noodles, with added buffalo sausage, and with sautéed mushrooms and peppers, and they were all delicious.

Tracey attributes part of the inspiration to go “business” to a “mother-in-law who makes the best Italian food on the planet.” Tracey took a list of suggested ingredients and experimented with recipes on countless friends and acquaintances until all agreed they would have a niche, a sauce taking one back to the roots of Italy, wherever you may be.

By the way, cielo means “heaven” in Italian. Cielo Sauce Works’ products can easily be ordered online at only $6.50 a jar, and a 3-set package deal is also offered. Enjoy and share your recipes with me!

Click the following link to watch the video/review of Cielo Sauce Works.

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26 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Sauces: Cielo Sauce Works

  1. I have been at a part in which the Host introduced me to Cielo’s sauces. They are REALLY good. I use the pizza sauce all the time now.

  2. Hey Tina,

    You are right. I love the sauces by Cielo. I live in Connecticut and this is a staple in my kitchen. Thanks for the great review “reaD” and the video is terrific too. Mary

    1. You are welcome. I love all this. I love meeting all these wonderful people in my reviewing. Thanks for the feedback and I am thrilled you know all about Cielo! Tina

  3. Tina, I used the Cielo Arrabiata sauce with a terrific chicken recipe and our family went crazy. I hope you have another contest so I can enter this one next month..Hint Hint. By the way, we all love your site. It is great! John Dandy

  4. I love the video of Cielo. I hope you do more. The video sold me. I am ordering now and I just wanted you to know. Can you post a recipe or two that you liked? You mentioned in the video a few great ideas which you tried with your test team. I love Italian and as a celiac I am always up for a GOOD idea that is not the usual. Thanks Tina! Hey, love your site. Marion Staple

    1. Yes, many more videos. In fact you will be able to see many more before the end of March. Just stay connected as you are. Thanks and do enjoy being creative in the kitchen with their sauces.
      All the best, Tina

  5. Thanks for this review. Good to know. I will look up Cielo Sauce Works or give them a call for their sauces.

  6. Tina;

    Walter and I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful review/video of our sauces. We have received such positive responses already! We can’t thank you enough.

    Please keep up the wonderful work/website…it’s a great thing that you do, you reach and help so many people. We look forward to seeing and reading more of your reviews!

    Thank you again, Walter and Tracey Tolson
    Cielo Sauce Works

    1. Walter and Tracey,
      It is my pleasure to review and promote the companies that I feel my readers and visitors should know about, like yours! My whole team loved your sauces as I have stated.

      It is terrific that the video and review have created an impact and I am sure more will be calling in or going to your site. I KNOW they will be pleased with your sauces.

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  9. I tried the Cielo Arrabiata Sauce
    I had the opportunity to use this delicious sauce when Tina asked me to give it a try with a fish-dish.
    We like Mahi Mahi so I decided to get creative with it. To complement the fish I added vegetables and infused it all with the delicate spicy flavors of the Cielo Arrabiate Sause. My family loved it! I will definitely use it again.

  10. I loved the Arrabiata Sauce. It had this perfect zest to it. Excellent product!
    I would love to have it again.

  11. I had no idea that Cielo Sauce is a GF product… tasted so fresh and so good.
    Thank you for introducing me to this product. I’m hooked…

  12. The Arrabiata Sauce was a bit too spicy for me but the Classic was fantastic.
    Good flavor & good texture and definitely taste Classic!

  13. I didn’t like the Arrabiata so much but it was good together with the potato.
    I really loved the Classic sauce with pasta and spaghetti.

  14. The Arrabiata Sauce has a variety uses. We like it with spaghetti & meet sauce,
    pot roast, chili, and we also tried it on home-made pizza and it came out great!
    This Sauce goes along with lots of deferent recipes.
    We love it and recommend it!

  15. I made my own recipe using “Cielo’s Spicy Arrabiata Sauce” and it was really easy to work with and I can see it being very versatile in many other recipes. I thought it tasted amazing!

  16. Man, I just adore Cielo sauces – nearly as good as my Nonna used to make back in the day 🙂 Results in delicious pizzas, that’s for sure.

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