Celiac Disease and Scoliosis


Many people have wondered if there  happens to be a correlation with scoliosis and celiac disease, I was one of them.
I was suddenly diagnosed with mild scoliosis and presented with my X rays after my third child. I had previous X ray and they were never “crooked”. It just so happens that a number of years later I was finally diagnosed celiac as well. Very interesting, is there a connection here?
Marion’s ( from Oregon) had asked the same question and gathered some information which she said I could share with you. Here are her results:

Thank you to everyone who responded to my question.  I received 28 responses.  23 people said either they or someone in their family had both cd and scoliosis.  1 person said they are not associated, but are hereditary.  1 person said there’s no connection.  Several people mentioned malnutrition as being a possible factor in scoliosis.  A few people suggested that I do a Google search on the topic, which I have extensively done.  I’m convinced that there’s a connection, and I’m factoring that into my daughter’s treatment plan.   


Websites to check:

I sure hope this helps answer your questions about this too . Tina Turbin



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  2. Highly beneficial many thanks, It is my opinion your followers would possibly want even more reviews similar to this keep up the great content.

  3. I have mild scoliosis and just got diagnosed with celiac. Had symptoms my whole like. One foot is longer than the other also.

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