Gluten Free Crab Cakes


These Gluten Free Crab Cakes are delicious and the real deal! You can make the patties up to two days ahead of time and keep them cold in the BACK of your fridge if you’d like. They are wonderful served cold as well as hot.




  1. Place crab and toasted breadcrumbs together in a bowl. Mix.
  2. Add beaten egg, mustard, seasoning, Worcestershire and mayonnaise.
  3. Mix gently. Avoid breaking crab as much as possible.
  4. Form into 8 large or 12 smaller cakes – flatten and make round with hands to be like a hockey puck.
  5. Heat your butter 2 tablespoons at a time. Allow space between cakes. Don’t overcrowd.
  6. Cook until golden brown.
  7. Set on paper towels and cover to keep warm.
  8. Enjoy!