Gluten-Free and Peter H.R. Green M.D., Part 1

While investing my time in researching celiac and gluten issues, I have so much to share about Peter H.R. Green M.D. the director of the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University. He has also written a book titled Celiac Disease, A hidden Epidemic (Harper Collins).

Dr. Green states impresses upon the fact that the human body didn’t actually evolve to fully digest wheat. We actually evolved to eat meat and that these enzymes in our bodies digest meat protein fully into single amino acids or molecules of two or three amino acids that are very easily absorbed.

On the other hand, our digestive systems can’t fully digest gluten easily, which is the protein in wheat. We are left then, with these large molecules of up to about thirty amino acids that can be absorbed into our intestinal lining, and then interact with our immune system which can cause celiac disease, especially in somebody genetically pre-disposed.

I think his book is extremely interesting and I highly recommend it. Please check back as I have more to share about this amazing man’s discoveries and knowledge. I hope to have my own interview with him and share this with you on my blog.

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