Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

I’m always looking for natural remedies, and tea tree oil is one of my favorites because it can be used for so many things. So what exactly is tea tree oil? Also known as melaleuca, it’s an essential oil that has been documented to kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It’s cropping up more and more in beauty and skincare products, especially among health-conscious brands.

Here are some of my favorite uses:

I like to add a few drops of tea tree oil to my homemade all-purpose cleaning solution, which I use for everything, including tabletops and kitchen and bathroom surfaces. I make sure to spray my tea-tree-oil-infused solution near windows and other places susceptible to moisture and mold growth. I also add it to my laundry detergent to give it an extra-powerful, antimicrobial kick.

Skin Issues
Friends of mine – like many people out there – swear by tea tree oil for skin issues. Tea tree oil can help with acne, cold sores, and pesky rashes. Others use it for jock itch, athlete’s foot, and chicken pox. Please be sure to dilute the tea tree oil by mixing it with something else like coconut oil – it can burn the skin at full strength, which is no fun at all, especially for the kiddos.

Air Freshener
I like to put tea tree oil in my essential oil diffuser as a way to detoxify the inside of our home. I personally love the fresh, antiseptic smell of tea tree oil, and I know that I’m not just covering up odors but actually killing bacteria, mold, and other icky things that might be lurking in the air. It’s also great for treating congestion and respiratory infections. Just put some tea tree oil in your diffuser, and keep it at your side. For my family, this spells instant relief.
What do you like to use tea tree oil for? Do you have any tips yourself? Leave your comments below!

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  1. Well you never answered the question, that I can see. IS IT GLUTEN FREE??? I am a 70 year old 30+ year Celiac so I need to have an answer.

    1. Yes, 100% tea tree oil is gluten free. be sure to always read ingredients though.sometimes additives can contain gluten.

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