Gluten and Your Aging Body eBook

Gluten & Your Aging Body is a terrific book loaded with information to help you with a variety of topics for men and women relating to the aging body and how this can be affected by gluten and diet, testing, menopause, osteoporosis and some suggested tips that may lead a higher quality of life. You can have your own book now to refer to at any time. This book was written for any man or woman with an aging body, who cares about their health. As always, I welcome your feedback.  Tina Turbin

Silver Medal Book Award

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7 thoughts on “Gluten and Your Aging Body eBook

  1. I love eBooks! At first I thought they weren’t as good as hard copy books but now I really feel like they’re superior in every way, especially recipe books!

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  3. Wow this book is really great! I ordered it yesterday and read the whole thing as soon as I downloaded it. $4.95 is really a great deal and I am really starting to prefer the eBook format anyway:) I’m definitely an iPad girl! I hope to see more eBooks like this in the future. My favorite part is that I can have my non-celiac friends read this book and they will still get some great action out of it!

  4. What a great this book this turned out to be–a real gem! I have been trying to tell my other friends for years who aren’t diagnosed celiac that they should consider cutting out gluten from their diets or getting tested for a gluten sensitivity, but they think I’m crazy. Finally here’s a book that will should them how gluten really could be hindering their health and making the aging process worse. I highly recommend this to everyone!

  5. I downloaded this last night and just got finished reading through it! It’s a perfect encapsulation of how gluten can affect you in your later years in life. When you think about it, 1% of the population has celiac disease and maybe even 10 times that amount of people are sensitive to gluten, so there’s a very real chance that your loved ones can be experiencing the effects of gluten in their system if they’re having so many problems as they age. Plus, in general, should we even be eating gluten? I mean, is it optimum for our systems even if we’re not experiencing overt symptoms of gluten toxicity? It’s an interesting question and definitely worth considering.

  6. A great read! This was actually the first eBook I’ve ever bought but I really like your articles and blog and this is only $4.95 so I thought, Why not? Anyway, I’m so happy I did this and recommend it to others with great enthusiasm!

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