Grace Island Specialty Foods Bakes Cheese Crisps

Grace Island Specialty Foods has a variety of gluten-free Baked Cheese Crisps. Each has a different flavor not due to just spices, but to the unique cheese selection in each cracker.

These crackers are paper-thin, oval in shape, and each flavor offers its own recipe, often with sesame seeds added. We liked these crackers but didn’t love them. We were expecting more of a bursting, sharp flavor, and these were slightly on the light or bland side. With cheeses such as Romano, Parmesan, Swiss, and Asiago, these crackers needed a bit more kick. On the other hand, for any consumer seeking a good, un-salty, thin cheese cracker, these are ideal.

These are a good low-carb, high-protein snack (they add egg-whites), very thin but can be used for lighter weight dips and spreads. With eighteen little crackers offering a whopping ten grams of protein, they are ideal for someone on a restricted diet.

Kalista Johnson has created a different type of cracker than most by adding egg whites, sesame seeds, and various spices and herbs for a crispy snack. She now has a grain-free kitchen of her own and has made her business a family affair.

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7 thoughts on “Grace Island Specialty Foods Bakes Cheese Crisps

  1. Hi Tina thanks SO much for recommending these. They are one of my favorite crackers! I just loooove cheese crackers like these:)

  2. I was very curious about these because I’m really into paper-thin type crackers and I paired these with a homemade bruschetta (all organic always) and they were soooo delicious. I had to add a bunch of salt but it was a very hot day and I could’ve just been needing salt. But at least it’s better than their being too salty.

  3. Here’s my review:
    Baby swiss: mmm! Crispy and delicious!
    Parm and Italian herb: I love these! Would be great in a soup or salad.
    Roomano and black pepper: pretty tasty! I like them.
    Other flavor: pretty plain: but not bad

  4. Baby swiss: wow can keep my hands off them
    Parmesan: crunch and full of flavor
    Black pepper: strong pepper tate
    Overall: good with salads and dips or a movie snack
    And that’s my review!

  5. Here’s my review on the line:
    Black pepper: these are really light and tasty
    Baby swiss: wow, the name for these is exactly what they taste like!
    overall: these guys don’t make a bad cracker. Each has their own flavor!

    1. IT is possible the company is no longer around. Many reviews are many years old and sometimes smaller companies don’t stay in business or get bought by larger ones.

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