Gluten Free and the ALCAT

You are off gluten and you have addressed that battle YET something is still off. Your digestion, skin joints etc. may still be having troubles, so what can you do now?

There is a terrific and simple blood test available called the ALCAT and this one broad test can help you determine when your immune system is being activated by incompatible foods. It can be life saving, prevent illness, help you achieve your weight goals and prolong life span.

This blood test will tell you which foods may be a problem for you and with these not addressed you can have IBS, celiac disease, migraines, weight issues, skin and respiratory problems, joint pain and other issues. Two of my dear friends and three children I know were dramatically helped with this one test alone. One person I know was first opened to the idea of being celiac with this one test after years of other tests.

If you are still needing help I suggest looking into this test at or call them at 1.800.872.5228. It is worth looking into. Please, share your success if you get the test.

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8 thoughts on “Gluten Free and the ALCAT

  1. Jackie,

    Sorry this comes across like this to you but I am aware of the ALCAT quite well and in all honesty I feel it can be a bit difficult to adhere to and get familiar with the rotation diet. So I can agree with you on that aspect. For someone who really needs the help and is not doing well physically , this is one step in the right direction in possibly sorting out what may be a source or part of their problem.

    Are you aware that you can CALL the office and get your questions and any confusions sorted out? Some results come with free guidance or you can pay additional. I am not sure if you did your test through a DR. or not. You would have to fill me in with a few more details.

    I wouod like to help you have success and do well with your results so fill me in a bit more and I can have someone e-mail you to help you from the ALCAT Headquarters.

    Tina Turbin

  2. Hi Tina. I had no idea when I was sending you my music for use with your projects that you were also a gluten-free advocate. I used to have mental issues (e.g., way too hyper for my own good, no impulse control around food, etc.), so much so that I was put on medication for it. The meds made me very fat. When they decided that the meds were doing more damage than help, in an effort to lose the weight I found a food plan that for the first three weeks was gluten-free. Getting on that food plan cured all of the mental issues. I know it was the gluten, because three weeks later, when I went back on, all of the symptoms came roaring back.

    I’m now following the Kay Sheppard plan ( While her plan isn’t 100 percent gluten-free, very few modifications are required to make it such (e.g., don’t use rye berries). I follow the stricter plan, have dropped close to 90 pounds from my peak weight, am still more clear mentally, and am quite happy. If you want to see pictures, you can go to my web site

  3. I had a 100 food ALCAT test done in Sept. No severe intolerances but 12 moderate and 21 mild. Also showed moderate reaction to Casein and mild reaction to gluten. Began Rotation Diet Oct 31, 2009.

    Have dealt off and on with bothersome lower leg swelling and that seems to match up with eating dairy products.

    The most distressing symptom has been itchy and painful facial erruptions. This seems to match up to ingesting gluten. Can’t seem to get the handle on it that I’d like. Seems like I’m finding more types of food that hide gluten almost every day.

    Continue to have breakouts, so I’m wondering if I should be further tested to determine more foods or switch over to check food additives and colorings.

    My whole story is quite long, so I’ll await a response from you as to how much you want to hear.

    Am also wondering if you’ve experimented with dairy free/gluten free recipes. It’s been extremely frustrating not being able to get information that is truely helpful.

    Sincerely, Becky

  4. I saw my Dietitian today. Since my Dietitian was on a hurry when she called about a week ago, the information she give me over the phone was not quite complete. There are 5 sections on the ALCAT result sheet. Looks like she didn’t look at the Gluten / Gliadin result mentioning: “You have no reaction to Gliadin and mild reaction to Gluten, limit these foods: barley, malt, oat, rye, and wheat”. My Dietitian mentioned that I should continue to avoid gluten.

    I just called enterolab regarding the Gluten Sensitivity Stool Test I ordered. The lady I talked to said that if my ALCAT blood result came back with a reaction to Gluten, most likely the Gluten Sensitivity Stool Test would show that I am sensitive. I like the way she compared a pregnancy test to the Gluten Sensitivity Stool Test: when a test result show that you are pregnant you are not a little pregnant; you are pregnant or your not. She said it is the same with the Gluten: you are sensitive or your not. So, I may change my Gluten Sensitivity Stool Test to the Stool Test Cow’s Milk Protein (Casein) Sensitivity.

    I am not to sure if it would be appropriate to publish my last email since the information about my ALCAT result was not complete and that I actually got a reaction to Gluten.

    Let me tell you that the food program from ALCAT that I have do will be a SERIOUS challenge to follow!

    Are you almost done with your book tour?

    All my best,


  5. Tina, It’s great to know that many restaurants serve Gluten-free meals!

    My Dietitian got the results of my ALCAT test. I am sensitive to a lot of foods! Like apple, cayenne pepper, psyllium, crab, avocado, black pepper, buckwheat, celery, clam, egg yolk, lima beans, papaya, paprika, peanut, etc. I am shocked that I am sensitive to so many foods! Friday I will see my Dietitian and I will get the full list of the foods I am sensitive to. Nothing came out about the gluten.

    From the book The Gluten Connection: “blood tests are inadequate to detect gluten sensitivity”. The author recommends stool testing for antibodies ( The test is more than 99% accurate. I will do that test.

    All my best,


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