Gluten Free Baking Part 3

Too many of you are asking for more about these flours so I will share some more to satisfy the curiosity. Yes, there are many more and I could write a mini book on this and so I shall leave that up to someone else, as I am working on my own children’s cook-book, which you can read about at

So back to flours and helping you find more ways to add some variety and nutrition to your gluten-free baking. Here we go then yet after this post I am taking a break and going to share some other VERY interesting information next posting:

Sorghum ( milo) Flour: This flour is high in protein, fiber, carbs and B vitamins. Sorghum comes in a white and red variety and I would say it is mildly sweet in taste.
It cooks dark so is not a good choice for a light or white desired outcome. This is a terrific flour for heavy breads or ginger cookies but us no more than 30% flour in your flour blend as a suggestion.

Tuber and Root Flours: Sweep potato, arrowroot and tapioca are usually good flours for people with multiple allergies let alone those avoiding gluten. They help baking performance and give a chewy texture. They are great to use as a thickener in gravies and sauces.

Wine Flours: I mentioned this flour in Gluten-Free Cooking Part 3, so here you go. Are you surprised? Well let me tell you a bit about this. These flours are a by-product of the process of wine making and are primarily grape seed flours. They boost nutrients and if you know about anti-oxidants, then these flours add that punch of protection to your recipe. They have Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids as well as they add color and taste to your recipe. Each flour from this family offers its own distinct flavor, such as Merlot flour can add quite a little added zing to your chocolate cake. Try it and let me know whet you think.

Happy gluten-free baking!

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