Gluten-Free and Peter H.R. Green M.D. , Part 2

Last week I posted an entry regarding a wonderful doctor devoted to the research and sharing of his knowledge regarding celiac disease, gluten sensitivity and gluten intolerance. Dr. Peter Green is continuing to impress me even more with his invaluable research. One issue I feel I should share as I agree with him fully on this: why the heck is there not more research being done to CURE celiac disease since it is so greatly widespread.

Why do we only hear about diets, foods and substitution lists? If you look around, most national organizations for people with chronic diseases have large funds of money raised for them regularly. So, why isn’t this the case with all the many organizations for people with celiac disease? There is NO funding or money raised regularly to get to the bottom of this disease and get to a cure.

Dr. Green points out that the people with celiac disease are more interested in finding out what to eat, something as basic as that. The national celiac support groups keeping telling people what to eat and giving them their solutions. But the research and the many questions to answer about the disease are not really looked at in the way that your other chronic diseases are and truly should be with the amount of people who are diagnosed and the amount of people not even aware they are walking celiacs or gluten-sensitive or gluten intolerant.

Raising money for research is the KEY way to make doctors more aware of the diseases.
Many doctors are not even aware of some of the basic signs and need to be informed or better informed.

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