Gluten-Free Baking Part 1

So many people think if they are going to have to bake gluten-free they really have to only use a few grain “allowed” staples. Well, I have news for you! There are many very nutritional alternatives to boost our bodies with, which many do not know about.
I am speaking about grains, beans, tubers, seeds and even grapes!

This is a topic I could elaborate on so I may need a few posts so I do not slam you with too much at once. I have decided to cover a few “flours” in this posting and share some more next time. I hope this helps you in choosing some additional ways to incorporate more minerals, vitamins, fiber and flavor into your cooking and baking fun.

Coconut Flour: Ok, who would have guessed this one? Not me. If you did, then you are ahead of me on this one. Yep, this is low-carb and high fiber. This is on flour that is tolerated by people with multiple allergies and can be added up to 15% of the required “flour” blend in your recipe.

Quinoa Flour: This is from South America in the Andes and these guys knew much more than us and long before we even had a clue. It is loaded with a variety of nutrients (do a Google) and is one of the grain flours with actual protein. You will even find protein powders and protein bars now with quinoa in the ingredients, for the additional protein and nutrients. Try not to add more than about 25% to replace your flour blend in mild recipes as the flavor of the quinoa may peek though too much for you.

Almond Flour and Meal: This is obviously high in protein and offers a light sweet nutty flavor to your recipe, yet it is honestly not overpowering. I have a chocolate chip cookie recipe I will share soon with the use of almond flour. You will love it. Use within about 3-4 months if you make your own flour though.

Keep your flours refrigerated to last longer and seal them tightly. More next time!

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  1. How wonderful to see this all spelled out. It can be very overwhelming, not knowing which flours are likely best for which baking projects. 🙂

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