Summer Fruit Platter

Summer Fruit Platter
While the heat is upon us in many states, especially where I live Florida and Los Angeles, it is important we keep ourselves well hydrated with minerals and plenty of water. Nothing beats fresh fruit and serving this to company as well as to our children. Not many people will turn down fruit, especially in the heat of summer.

Here is a beautiful and fresh idea. It only requires a little imagination and a nice platter or tray stack. The rest is up to you and these are only some suggested ingredients. Let your imagination go wild. The more unusual fruits you have available in your grocery stores the more fun this can be.

Fresh cherries
Strawberry slices or whole
Apple slices
Kiwi, cut in half or star shaped halves
Honeydew Mellon
Green Grapes
Dark Seedless Grapes
Small Plums

Serving Suggestion:
If you have a three tiered tray then top each level with a doily.
Cut a hole in the middle if it is the correct size or cut a few pieces to fit each level accordingly.

Place your fruit in “clumps” of their own category. Try and alter your color array so no two colors are close to add contrast and excitement to the arrangement.

If you do not have a three tiered tray then various platters of shapes and sizes on a table will also look beautiful. You can even add cheeses if you are indoors and air conditioned.

Occasionally refresh your platter ( and even the doilys) to add new fruit as people much away. His platter will go fast!

Stay cool and enjoy your summer!

Tina Turbin

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