DIRTY GENES SUMMIT – FREE and ON LINE! The content is too valuable to risk you not being invited.  Do you feel like genetics is a topic best left for scientists, geneticists and professors? The basics of genetics and epigenetics is something we ALL need to start paying attention to, because it’s like having a looking glass into the future – and a lottery ticket to live your BEST life.

Just think of this!  40 experts gathered together to break down precisely what you need to know to optimize your health journey in my upcoming Dirty Genes Summit.This is loaded with practical information that you can apply in your life to bust out of the mindset that you are doomed by your genes. Did you know that your body can turn genes on and off? 

And what you do each day has a huge impact on which genes are “tagged” and running on any given day – year – or in a particular situation. Just imagine: Your family history of diabetes, heart disease, mental health problems, or obesity struggles?  They do not need to imprison you (or your children and grandchildren).

So how do you “clean” those dirty genes?

Join me for the Dirty Genes Summit and let the health and wellness experts I have gathered bring you the most cutting-edge information that allows you to apply simple lifestyle changes to liberate the genetic chains that bind you.

Here’s just a sneak peek on what you can expect!

* How Do Your Genes Impact You?

* Cleaning Your Genes With Food

* Your Genes and Your Mental Health

* Altering Your Genetic Expression

* The Building Blocks of Healthy Families (and generations!)

* Understanding How Your Genes Work

* Genetic Testing and How to Clean Up Your Genes for the Long Term

I know this is going to be amazingly valuable and provide you with new and powerful information.

 Thank you Dr. Ben! Your research and hard work is invaluable.

We all need to choose the hand you play when it comes to our health and body.
This is where you can really begin to get your own “hat” on and help yourself in ways you’d never imagine

 Click here to register for The Dirty Genes Summit.


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