Is That Drug Gluten Free?

Being celiac, I am constantly checking the ingredients of products I come by to see if I can ingest them or not. I have become quite good at this over time and as my knowledge of gluten has truly expanded.

One point which still baffles me is the topic of medications. I can hardly understand what those long named ingredients are in the first place. How can I understand if gluten is in them?

Steve Plogsted, a reputable pharmacist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital of Columbus OH, has made this easier for all of us to get a good grasp on this subject. He is the amazing man behind

Steve Plogsted expends his efforts for the celiac community on his own time. This is truly commendable.

I suggest you check out this site and be sure to check the ingredient lists of all medications, drugs, antibiotics, etc you encounter. Don’t ever worry about coming across as “annoying” when asking your pharmacists if your prescription has any gluten in the ingredients. They are there to help you and I always find they are more than happy to. If not, high tail it out of there and head to another pharmacy. Your health or the one you care about is at risk.

As a reminder, one drug may be gluten free one day and your next visit for the same drug or even a refill may have had a new ingredient or a change to the formula. Always, be on top of things, and ask each time and get your questions clarified.


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  1. I’m usually ok finding gluten free options, its the dairy free ones that are tough. Most generics use lactose as a binder in their medicine. It seems that recently pharmacists and drug companies are expecting the “is it gluten free” question and I get a quicker answer on gluten free than dairy free.

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