Bio-K+ Giveaway of February – Here are the Lucky Winners

I’m very pleased to announce the 10 winners of my  Bio-K+ Giveaway of February.  Indeed they will all be receiving some of the best probiotics products on the market:

Kelly Meyersfield-Wecksell, Colleen Cole, Rosie Newman, Carole Bellini, Mara Rouse, PJ Sedgwick, Dr. Steve Lund, Ashlie Delshad, Janet Heitler, Pamala Payne

Congratulations to everyone!  And click on the following link to read my own personal success story with using the Bio-K+ products.

After receiving the winning announcement, here’s what Ashlie Delshad said:

“Oh my goodness!!!! I am so excited. I have been fighting a battle with candida
overgrowth and I’ve tried a ton of different probiotics – I’m really excited to
try this one out! Also, thanks for all the wonderful advice and tips you
provide on your website. I went gluten free about 3 months ago and if it wasn’t
for your site and a few others I’m not sure what I would have done!” 

From our home to yours, Tina Turbin
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One thought on “Bio-K+ Giveaway of February – Here are the Lucky Winners

  1. Thank you so much!
    I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease several months ago, this web site has helped me so much!
    Thanks for all the great tips, advise and the great recipies! YOU ROCK

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