Celiac Disease and Scoliosis


Many people have wondered if there  happens to be a correlation with scoliosis and celiac disease, I was one of them.
I was suddenly diagnosed with mild scoliosis and presented with my X rays after my third child. I had previous X ray and they were never “crooked”. It just so happens that a number of years later I was finally diagnosed celiac as well. Very interesting, is there a connection here?
Marion’s ( from Oregon) had asked the same question and gathered some information which she said I could share with you. Here are her results:

Thank you to everyone who responded to my question.  I received 28 responses.  23 people said either they or someone in their family had both cd and scoliosis.  1 person said they are not associated, but are hereditary.  1 person said there’s no connection.  Several people mentioned malnutrition as being a possible factor in scoliosis.  A few people suggested that I do a Google search on the topic, which I have extensively done.  I’m convinced that there’s a connection, and I’m factoring that into my daughter’s treatment plan.   


Websites to check:

I sure hope this helps answer your questions about this too . Tina Turbin



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7 thoughts on “Celiac Disease and Scoliosis

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  2. Highly beneficial many thanks, It is my opinion your followers would possibly want even more reviews similar to this keep up the great content.

  3. I have mild scoliosis and just got diagnosed with celiac. Had symptoms my whole like. One foot is longer than the other also.

  4. I have had scoliosis since childhood. I have recently been diagnosed with celiac at age 67. My daughter also is strongly celiac and has had scoliosis since beginning to mature. My son has celiac also but no scoliosis. My 2 granddaughter have celiac, and one of them has mild scoliosis.

  5. I personally absolutely believe there is a connection between gluten sensitivity and scoliosis. I have both. Through my research over the past 25 years I am convinced that my gluten sensitivity as a child absolutely caused malabsorption and leaky gut which led to scoliosis. The scoliosis was diagnosed at age 12. The gluten sensitivity wasn’t confirmed until my mid forties. I’ve had five back surgeries and am now 58 years old. Still very sensitive not only to gluten, but several other foods as well. I was also diagnosed with microscopic colitis in 2014. I take a combination of prescription drugs and supplements which has become very expensive and not sure if I can afford to keep it up in order to keep functioning. I have been on disability since 2000. Any suggestions for me?

    1. Im not a doctor so I can only help so much but it sounds like you need to heal your gut as much as you can. Obviously it is much harder to reverse damage of not being diagnosed in your 50s than if you had found out at say, 20. But that doesn’t mean you cannot reverse some of the damage and try to up your overall quality of life. I find that a lot of us with celiac also have issues with many inflammatory foods like dairy, grains, sugar,legumes, etc. Wishing you good health!

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