Gluten Free Expo 2009 Has Arrived

Reminder to all my Gluten Free enthusiasts! Eating and baking gluten free is fun and delicious if you know what you are doing. Jen Cafferty ( the founder of the expo) wants to be sure we all are successful in our endeavors in the kitchen. Read on.

The 2009 Gluten Free Cooking Expo is August 15 & 16, 2009

The Wyndham Hotel, Lisle, Illinois

Making great foods without gluten is a lot easier than you think. Come and learn from professionals chefs, nutritionists and cookbook authors. Fun, friendly and entirely gluten free — this is the Expo that Jen says has  all the answers you have been looking for.

This Year The Expo Includes:

  • Two full-days of gluten-free/dairy-free cooking demonstrations by notable chefs, cookbook authors and nutritionists
  • Printed recipes so you can follow along, take notes and ask questions about successful replacement ingredients for common allergens such as soy, sugar, egg, dairy and corn
  • Learning how to prepare each dish, and getting the chance to taste them as well
  • Gourmet Gluten Free Dairy Free lunch will be provided
  • All Expo Attendees will take home a gift bag of great gluten-free products, literature and offers

Vendor Fair

Gluten Free Vendor Fair Open to the Public – Over 30 vendors!
Saturday, August 15th, 9am-Noon
Wyndham Hotel, Lisle, IL
$15 admission
Children under 12 are free

This year we will focus on Gluten Free and Dairy Free recipes! They can not guarantee that the vendor fair will be entirely dairy free.

How does the 2009 Expo differ from the 2008 Expo?

  • All GCFC (Gluten Free/Dairy Free) Recipes
  • More sessions from the nutritionists
  • How to cook gluten-free recipes on a budget
  • Bread classes
  • More healthy eating options
  • Sessions on family friendly meals
  • Sessions for those that can not attend a full-day session
  • The ability to just attend the vendor fair without the rest of the Expo

OK, so whatcha waiting for ?People are flying in from all over for this. Happy eating, baking and tasting and do not forget the Expo is loaded with take home goodies. Tell Jen that Tina sent you and have a terrific time.

From our home to yours, Tina Turbin
If you have any questions or suggestions just email me at info (at)

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