Gluten-Free Baking Part 2

So many people are still looking for more ways to add nutrition to the never-ending learning curve of gluten-free baking. I have done a bit more research, trying out some great new flours and have some great ones to share again this week.

Buckwheat Flour: Ok, now I have to tell you this one is not what it appears to be. Buckwheat is not wheat and it is from a family of fruits names polygonaceae, which includes rhubarb and sorrel. It is a terrific source of protein, high in fiber and b vitamins.
You can purchase this in light, medium and dark varieties. Use the light for baking though. I use about 1 cup per recipe to make a “wheat like” flavor yet use much less for making your cookies.

Amaranth Flour: This flour is another one high in protein, a good amount of calcium and iron too. IT can be a bit strong in flavor but another plus I have to give this grain is that when use din a gluten-free baked recipe it will help the structure of your recipe and also brown it a bit faster. IT is suggested to us this flour with a bit of maple syrup or brown sugar to help the taste. Us this one sparingly but it truly is worth a try!

Legume Flours: These are high in protein, fiber and calcium. The bean flours work best with your heavier foods such as breads and stronger cakes such as spice cakes. I can not recommend them for cookies and your more delicate baked desires. IF you add about ¼-1/2 cup to your pie crust recipe you will find it much easier to roll out.

Happy Gluten Free cooking!

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