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Dr. Allen Lim, the former exercise physiologist for the renowned Garmin Transitions Pro Cycling team and their CEO, Jonathan Vaughters, placed the team on a gluten-free diet.  What were their reactions and changes?  Well read on.

The first reactions were of shock.  With a full day of training these guys burn an easy 8,000 calories, needing carbohydrates to not only fuel energy but the excess glucose gets stored in muscles as glycogen which helps during exercise as well as during recovery.  Without this they will have a terrible time.

To simply handle this, their hired chef did what all celiacs and gluten-intolerant people get accustomed to – switch their source of grains and carbohydrates.  No pancakes!  That’s silly of course.  They ate pancakes. Just gluten-free ones.

The results of this change were enlightening to the team as a whole.  Do keep in mind these men are severe athletes, not celiac (or so they hope) and not gluten intolerant (or so they thought).  There are reports of digestion being much better, better recovery, sleep improvement, weight loss and overall improved performance.

Interestingly enough, the initiator of this diet Dr. Allen Lim was with Lance Armstrong’s RadioShack team.

Leaves one to wonder if Lance’s crew was on a gluten-free diet as well, while in training.

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  1. I would be very interested to know what exactly they were eating, if they were eating special protein drinks, etc.!

  2. Hi it’s a nice story full of curiosity. I like it so much. The points are really good and impressive. I think we must focus on single interest, it’s not difficult because everything is possible in this world nothing is impossible. Thanks for sharing.

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