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Uli Mana is a successful company with nothing but positive energy in every handmade product, founded by single mom Theresa Green. My L.A. and Florida gluten-free test group and I had the wonderful opportunity to test these delectable little morsels of yum. Each and every product has the capability to tease one’s taste buds and offers a smooth taste. They are a delicious treat for anyone needing a gluten-free chocolate fix. Who doesn’t have one of those cravings now and then, especially us women! Sorry men, I don’t mean to leave you out of this but there are just those times of the month- “Hey honey, don’t you dare touch MY Uli Mana.”


Theresa Green started her career with Nirvana Manna (renamed later Maca Manna) after expected success with a home recipe passed to a friend at the Natural Foods Expo 2005. Word spread, and she could only grow and expand to incorporating UliMana. Her made-up name is semi-Huna—a Polynesian and Hawaiian science practiced by the aboriginals of those regions. It means asking the goddess Uli, the “Goddess of Serenity,” for the blessings of life force, energy, and vibrant health—“mana.”

All the chocolates used are raw as well as all of her ingredients, offering the raw food community the opportunity to take advantage of the many health benefits of raw chocolate, which reduces blood pressure, contains antioxidants, relaxes muscles (due to the mineral content), and increases insulin activity.

Theresa’s initial products were all sweetened with raw honey, and she featured many Cacao mixes. Two years ago she developed new products as a result of introducing agave into her test kitchen. The result was new versions of truffles, such as Goji Cherry Truffles, Dark Cacao Truffles, and her to-die-for Truffle Butter.

The new truffles were an immediate hit. As Theresa explains, they were an “eat-now” food and did not require any mixing or processing by the consumer except the process of hand-to-the-mouth-and-enjoy. Sales soared.

The  manufacturing facility is generously supplied by Blue Ridge Food Ventures, founded by Advantage West, funded by the State of North Carolina to help business. She has access to storage space, a loading dock, shipping and receiving, and even legal and accounting advice. She credits much of her ease in the business’s evolution to the opportunities her state offers through this facility, stating she’s never needed to take out a loan or sell shares of the business.

With the incorporation of UliMana strategically placed on a positive astrological day, Theresa continues to hire only positive people with positive energy, and all products continue to be raw and made by hand. I asked her what we can expect in the coming future, and she openly said a rice syrup version of new delectables to cater to the needs of the macrobiotic consumer, who will be very pleased, she’s sure.

We testers are still raving about Uli Mana and all the handmade treats which passed our palates.

Tina Turbin

This food company is given a thumbs up and is HIGHLY recommended by my entire team here at

From our home to yours, Tina Turbin
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12 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Company – Uli Mana

  1. Wow! Am I reading this right – these delights are made with Agave rather than sugar and are gluten free?! Mom has celiac disease and is a diabetic, which really makes things difficult. She has never had a huge sweet tooth, but she does like her chocolate. I will be letting her know about this product – it would be nice for her to be able to have a treat and not play roulette with the insulin.

  2. WOW, I got the chocolate truffles and ohhhhh myyyy god! I fell in love. I really like chocolate but I hate the feeling afterwards that I sometimes get from eating it( probably from eating too much…) but with this product just one bite, because of its richness satisfies my chocolate craving. This company is much better than any other chocolate company and they would really make amazing gifts.

    thanks so much!

  3. Hi Tina,
    Say! I wish that there was a way to do or find Gluten Free Resources that weren’t so darned expensive. Not all of us have beaucoup bucks to spend on Food every week. Know what I mean? You are a wealth of Gluten Free Knowledge and Resources.
    Have an incredible week of new and wondrous discoveries. This company looks great and I hope I win this contest for the give-away of these products!
    Lots of Love, Celeste

  4. I have to say, that -hands down- this is my favorite gluten free chocolate line! My favorite are the chia moon drops. they are AMAZING! I could eat them all day. I love the coconut flavor

    the truffle butter is outstanding! i can eat it by the spoonfuls. And the dark cacao truffles are to die for! just one will satisfy your chocolate craving.

    I highly recommend this line!!

  5. Uli Mana is overall perfect for a chocolate lover! i’m addicted to the chia moon drops. my favorite is the dark cacao! i love dark chocolate! not to mention the truffle butter… go ahead and butter me all over!

  6. this company makes really tasty treats! It’s a real trick to make sweet things that taste very good without using unhealthy ingredients –but they do it! the chia moon drops are very tasty! Perfect for a little desert snack. and the truffle butter is so good… it’s DANGEROUS!!

  7. This has been the best company so far at making delicious treats! I’m going to look for these at Whole Foods!

    I love the chia moon drops! they are really good! Great texture and flavor. Nice and moist! I would buy this fo sho!

    I think the Goji cherry truffles are very good not too sweet. I like the tartness of the cherries.

  8. I just bought a couple of the manna spreads, and I find them very salty. Other than that, they’re delicious, but I don’t understand the necessity of adding so much salt – is there a health benefit?

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