Accurate Home Test for Celiac Disease

Looking to get tested for celiac disease?

Conventional testing methods, such as intestinal biopsies and blood testing, can often be inaccurate. However, now you can bypass a doctors visit and test yourself for the disease with one-hundred-percent accurate DNA testing.

How does it work? A test kit is mailed to one’s home which doesn’t require needles or drawing blood but only calls for two cheek swabs. There is thus confidentiality maintained between a person and his insurance company. The results are also quickly returned with a simple positive or negative result, plus a helpful video available for download in the case that one’s results are positive. Additionally, families receive a discount when they purchase 2 or more kits.

Who may be a candidate? Anyone who has intestinal troubles, chronic fatigue, chronic anemia, skin disorders like eczema, psychological problems, child mental disorders like ADD or autism, diabetes, or any autoimmune disease like rheumatoid arthritis.

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5 thoughts on “Accurate Home Test for Celiac Disease

  1. Thanks so much for your posts on celiac testing. With better testing, we’ll have a higher diagnosis rate, and increased awareness!

  2. This is wonderful news. Now we don’t have to depend on our healthcare providers for celiac testing, which is great because most of them are so uneducated about celiac disease anyway.

  3. Thanks Tina it took me almost 7 years before I finally got a correct diagnosis. SO glad to hear that testing and diagnosis has become much easier.

  4. If you want to get tested accurately and FDA approved without seeing a doctor, there is a service from where you order your celiac disease test online and get sent to Labcorp for blood draw, after which the test result is mailed to you.

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