Katz Gluten Free-Part 1

Katz Gluten Free part 1

Time machine time: It’s 2010 and my mother, Tina Turbin, just discovered Katz gluten-free. A certified gluten-free, Kosher company and nut-free as well. With high-quality ingredients and no preservatives added. Back in 2010 celiac disease was something many had never even heard of and gluten?? What is gluten. There were hardly any restaurants with gluten-free menus and definitely none that served gluten-fee bread.

Just as the gluten-free community has evolved, so has Katz gluten-free. What once was a small company has developed into one of the largest and most expansive gluten-free companies around.

With the new launch of my website and the many years that have gone by, I was curious as to what Katz had been up to and what was new. Boy was I in shock! Katz has become a one stop shop for all things gluten-free. From bagel chips to bread mix. From doughnuts to cookies. Katz simply has just about everything and anything. It only seamed right that I would do a new review of Katz to see their development as Katz is not the company it once was just as GlutenFreeHelp.info has evolved.

I will be reviewing some of my most favorite Katz products in the up coming weeks as well as talking about all things Katz. Being a mom myself now and raising a gluten-free household, it can be extremely difficult to make everything from scratch and to ensure that what I put in my family has good ingredients. I can really say that the better the food you eat now the cheaper your doctor bills will be. It really pays to be healthy.

From our home to yours, Tina Turbin
If you have any questions or suggestions just email me at info (at) GlutenFreeHelp.info.

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