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When I was a kid I hated taking vitamins. The same thing goes for today. Unfortunately due to being an undiagnosed celiac for so many years I do have to take vitamins. I have always had a hard time digesting the capsules on most vitamins. I feel them just sit in my stomach for what feels like hours.

I came across the company Dr Prices Vitamins which have many vitamins in powdered form and decided to give them ago.  First things first, the taste. I was pleasantly surprised at how good they all tasted. My two favorites were the vitamin c immune support and the electrolyte mix. Now, I know many have tried powdered vit c and electrolyte mixes in the past. So, what stood out for me about these two? Two words: sugar free! Too many times I’ve loaded up on powdered vit c only to realize I am loading myself up with tons of sugar. Sure those other companies’ packets taste good. But what if I were to tell you that not only does dr prices vitamins taste good without the added sugar but they actually taste better!


That’s just 2 of their powdered vits. There is also the daily power vits, energy and metab vites,and 8 hr sleep vits. Basically a small powdered packet for just about anything you would need. Great for kids as well. Place a vit c immune support and the energy and metab vites in some juice and freeze as popsicles. Your kids will have no idea they are getting so much nutrition from something so good. I’m happy to finally come across a gluten-free line of vitamins that don’t have added crap to them. These are all so pure. Simply what you need and easy to digest.


Dr. Stephen Price has been a Chiropractor and nutritionist for over 30 years. His strong desire to help others and care for others can be seen in his product line. Get you and your family some boxes here!


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