Gluten Free Diet and Fiber

I travel, I sit on my bum and write day and night and I do all the things I am supposed to do, I think. Just between you and me there are times that I KNOW I just am not getting enough fiber in the good old GF diet, if you know what I mean!

I have tried the Oats that are from dedicated facilities and I am one of those that do not do well with oats despite all the literature I have read, researched and tried. I get aches and stomach troubles.  

I am thrilled for those that do tolerate the oats. I sure wish I could as I long for those days with my hot oat meal in the morning, with melted butter all over the top, and I mean all over the top. My spoon had to dive through the melted butter to even get to the oats. Yes, I love butter, coconut oil etc.

Anyhow, being on a GF diet has it care and concerns for the actual dieter, and this does need to be looked at. The grains we are allowed to have for the most part are not too terribly loaded with fiber, in fact they can be rather binding. They do not help the intestinal tract to move, which is called peristalsis. This moves the food through the colon into the rectum.

We need to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables yet when one is healing still form a newly diagnosis of gluten intolerance or celiac disease, our small intestinal lining is sensitive and needs to heal. The unfortunate part of this diagnosis is that often there are other effects in or on the body form the years of not being diagnosed correctly. Hence you nay have a terribly sensitive tummy, irritated bowels, aches in the joints, skin troubles etc. Some other foods may cause irritation and even an increase in vegetables and fruits may irritate your body somehow.

Be sure to work with someone who understands your diagnosis that you feel comfortable with and trust and the healing process can take place a bit smoother.

Just do not go out and load up on a bunch of GF baked goods and expect to feel better overnight. The fiber content of most of the GF baked goods on market do not have much fiber and can cause you to be a bit constipated.

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4 thoughts on “Gluten Free Diet and Fiber

  1. Hi Tina!

    Thank you so much for you interest in helping people struggling with gluten sensitivity and/or intolerance!
    I found out that I might be extremely sensitivity to gluten and dairy after visiting a nutricionist. I was desperate when I went to see the nitricionist because I had visit the GI doctor for inumerous times without any luck…She said that my body wasn’t being able to absorve vitamin B12 and my immune and lymphatic systems were not working at their maximum…
    But anyway, now I’m in a gluten- and dairy- free diet. However, I’m still suffering with a HORRIBLE GERD (always at nightime)…and eventually vomit and worse constipation (I’ve had constipation problems since I was a little girl…)
    I was wondering if you think that GERD can be a main symptom of gluten and/or dairy sensitivity or even celiac.
    Thank you very much for your help!

    1. Hello Damatris,

      While I am not a doctor I can say that constipation and digestive troubles ( including GERD) can come with the gluten intolerant or G sensitive arena, unfortunately.

      You may want to check into enzymes,probiotics, HCL and the amount of exercise, water and vegetables ( for fiber) you are taking. Of course, consult your doctor and/or nutritionist.

      Tina Turbin

  2. Thank you very much for you prompt response, Tina! 🙂
    I’ll follow your advice! Thanks!

    Oh! I love listening to you on the blogtalkradio shows!
    Do you have your own blogtalkradio?! I would love to listen to it and learn more about gluten intolerance!

    Take care,

    1. You are very welcome! Thank YOU for visiting my site and feeling comfortable enough to ask me questions, with hopes I can help you.

      I am on many radio shows as you can see on my radio and video page but do not have my own blogtalk or my own radio show. It is a lot of work to organize the shows as I get to see what many of the Hosts go through. I need the time to research, write for this site as well as my children’s books- my other TRUE love. (

      Please do stay in touch, let me know of you need anything else and thank you again Damaris. Tina

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