Kitchen Table Bakers – 2nd Review

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I love food. I’m a huge foodie. One thing I’ve really enjoyed my whole life was cheese. Fortunately enough, I’ve never had issues digesting dairy. Obviously as you grow up your taste buds change but my love for cheese only grew. That’s only one small reason why Kitchen Table Bakers is deserving of a second review. Their crisp crackers are made entirely of cheese! Sugar and trans-fat free.

When Kitchen Table Bakers originally launched and were reviewed by they had 9 flavors. Now they have 11 flavors and make mini crisps. My favorite flavor has to be the caraway seed. Reminds me of my childhood, before being diagnosed celiac, eating toasted rye bread with my dad. Another achievement Kitchen Table Bakers has received, since their original review back in 2010, is the Sofi Gold tropy! Since 1972 the Sofi Awards have honored the best of the best in specialty foods. It is not an easy task to win one of these awards but I strongly believe Kitchen Table Baker’s Gourmet Cheese Crisps are very deserving of the award.

kitchen table bakers caraway

Not only do these products taste good but they are made with so much love. Owner Bary Novick has to be one of the friendliest people you will ever meet. He makes sure his crisps have nothing but the best quality ingredients. They go great with wine, can be used for dipping and so many other uses. I find them to be a great hostess gift when invited over for dinner. Everyone I have given them to always contacts me thanking me for them and wondering where they can get some more.

I am excited to see what other flavors and products Kitchen Table Bakers comes up with in the future. I am sure they will be just as delicious.

Pick up a box of Kitchen Table Bakers Parmesan Crisps HERE or at your local market and find out all the fun ways you can use them in your recipes HERE.

Thank you Kitchen Table Bakers for always making delicious gluten-free food!


Miranda Jade Turbin


For more information on Kitchen Table Bakers be sure to check out our original review of them HERE.



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