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Since tea was discovered in China it has traveled the world conquering the enjoyment of just about every country.  Tea is one of the most popular beverages as well as one of the healthiest. In all fairness, tea doesn’t get nearly enough credit! It taste good hot and cold, can help you sleep or give you energy, regulate your hormones, get you regular and the list goes on and on.

Teami Tea Blends help you relax, detox, energize and have many benefits. It’s not very usual that I have to set aside 30 days to review a gluten-free company. I got to enjoy the 30 day Teami Skinny, Teami Colon and Teami Energy. Boy oh boy was this testing fun!

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Every morning I would start my day off with the Teami Skinny tea in my bright red Teami Tea infuser. Talk about the cutest infusers! The little leaf on the top looks adorable in your cup of tea and makes for easy retrieval from hot water. These infusers aren’t just for looks though. They are easy to use and very easy to clean.

Teami Skinny really set the mood of my day off right. Made me feel energized and ready to go. Every other evening I took the Teami Colon. Occasionally I skipped this tea as I have a very sensitive stomach. It really cleans you out if you know what I mean. Teami Colon is gentle though. I have tried laxative type teas before and couldn’t handle them at all! Teami Colon wasn’t like this. Although powerful, it isn’t overpowering on your colon.

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Teami Energy is one of my favorites of the Teami Blends. Whenever I felt I needed an extra punch this did the job. Because it isn’t “fake” energy you don’t get that harsh slump when it starts to wear off.

Teami Blends gets my tea detox approval for sure. A fun way to jump start your fitness goals without doing any harsh cleanses that you can hardly last 3 days on. Teami Blend teas are ones you will want to use regularly because they will make you feel good. Not sure what to start with? Try the 30 day detox and I am sure you will get hooked. Teami Blends is a USA company, based in Florida. They offer FREE 3-5 day shipping within the USA which is definitely an added bonus! Their bags are specially made to preserve the loose leaf tea and its taste as well so you won’t get any strange bag flavors in your cup.

The best way I could describe the Teami Blends is that they help your body function how it should. The gentle approach always gets my vote! For more information on the many teas Teami Blends has to offer check out or @teamiblends and to order click HERE.


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2 thoughts on “Teami Blends – Review

  1. Hi, please email me your response.

    I have a question, I was wondering if there were any side effects on the product you wrote about. (Teami Blends) I have heard diet teas/pills etc. usually have some sort of side effect if you consume it long term.

    Please let me know, thanks!


    1. Teami is not a “diet” tea. It is not intended to make you drop weight. More so to clean you out and balance you. The tea actually states that you must follow a healthy diet while on it which would be the only way you would end up dropping any weight. you can always email the company and ask them about long term harm as every tea company is different and some are better than others 🙂

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