My Gluten-Free Cupcake Parties Are Really Fun!

There is so much happening and such wonderful people reaching out to us to come to schools, events, hospitals and venues.  Thank you everyone!

I am heading to Los Angeles right after my very popular  Halloween Cupcake Party I am hosting with a terrific team of children and parent bakers. I only have 100% Gluten-Free Parties!

Pamela’s Products, is sponsoring this event in support of my efforts and my interest to help Dr. Peter Green at the Celiac Disease Center. This amazing man correctly diagnosed about 2500 celiac patients last year alone and the year before and the year before that…. Need I say more?

All of this will be filmed in the Tampa Bay area on October 24th, Saturday. Check your Tampa, St Pete .and Clearwater newspapers, check the internet and check out for specifics. (Los Angeles cupcake party will be announced before the end of this year too!)  I invite you to join in the fun and support my Cause.

Please contact me via the contact page if you are interested.Id love to have you join. We have limited spaces available but I was told this week-end we can take a few more kids and moms, since I really want to bake and decorate a load of gluten free cup-cakes for everyone to take home. Yummy!

Thank you Everyone for your support and good wishes, Tina Turbin and Danny

From our home to yours, Tina Turbin
If you have any questions or suggestions just email me at info (at)

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