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4 flavors of Glad Corn, which I’d never heard of before. We had some spare time, and since I was especially curious, I thought we’d start the taste test right away. The 12-oz. bags come in original, jalapeno, BBQ, and gourmet cheddar. We started on the original. The corn tastes like a light and better-tasting Corn Nut, and has a nice feel and crunch in the mouth.

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The Bar-B-Q tastes exactly as like BBQ-flavored potato chips, the cheddar was true to its name, and the jalapeno was extremely light in flavor and had a sweet and spicy flavor in one.


These little kernels are very inconsistent in size and shape due to the nature of the process the Friesens came upon quite unexpectedly. In the 1980’s, Stan Friesen was (and to this day, he still is) an alternative energy nut. Helping to develop a cheaper ethanol alternative from corn, he was once again working on an ethanol recipe in his kitchen at home using corn from their 500-acre farm, while his wife Gladys was reading her book in the bedroom. Something went “odd” in the kitchen, and Stan proceeded to present a handful of these curiously-shaped corns to Gladys. She had no interest until he said to try a little “snack.” She did, loved them, and got up for more. Just two weeks later, they created another batch and carried it to a Christmas party down the road. It was an instant hit and the group termed it Glad Corn (for Gladys). The name stuck.

Stan and Gladys harvest only soy and corn on their 500 acres and make the corn in a gluten-free facility—their own. Gladys informed me that the farms bordering hers are all soy or corn, as that’s predominately what up in their “neck of the woods.”

They offer another farm’s “bagged wheat and oat” product on their website, but Gladys ensured me they do this to help their friends and that their products do not come in contact with their corn or the manufacturer. We think quite highly of this company, the facility, and Gladys, as well as the genius behind the “mistake”—Stan.

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This food company is given a thumbs up and is HIGHLY recommended by Tina Turbin, award-winning author and founder of

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24 thoughts on “Glad Corn Review

  1. I started eating these snacks about a year ago after a friend of mine served them at a get-together and I am ADDICTED. They are truly delicious and a big hit with everyone, gluten-free or not. I highly recommend Gladcorn!

  2. Corn snacks blah~! I never thought in my life that I would love this product so much, but boy was I wrong. Everyone should try this product at least once — your taste buds will thank you!

  3. I highly recommend the jalapeno flavor – not too spicy and with just the right amount of taste. Such a treat!

  4. my son and I are fans of the BBQ and cheddar flavors…. so incredible. Perhaps we should just mix the 2 flavors together, since we can’t decide which one is better. 🙂

  5. These can even be utilized in recipes – paired with hummus… or salad… or perhaps even thrown into a soup… my favorite though is throwing some into a zip loc bag and providing to my kids in their daily lunches – they love it!

  6. Corn nuts lovers should all come directly to this page – these Glad Corn snacks are incredible and what amazing flavor! Everyone that’s come to my house inevitably gets to try some of my tasty GF snacks – including this one.

  7. I’ve tried all of the flavors but my favorite are the BBQ and Jalapeno flavors.

    The BBQ is much better-tasting than BBQ chips

    The Jalapeño is spicy, crunchy and sort of tangy too

    Overall they are very crispy and good alternative to the regular chips or nuts

  8. I loved the jalapeno flavor the most, but honestly they;re all REALLY good. Imagine corn nuts without the stomach ache and health dangers and then add on a better flavor altogether.

  9. wow, these are incredible to snack on. I got them at whole foods and they were my movie snack. I don’t remember the flavor I had, sure they’re all good.

  10. The original is really good; I like them better than regular ‘corn nuts’ because they aren’t as salty, but the un-‘popped’ ones are really hard and kind of hurt my teeth

  11. These are really tasty; I have always liked corn nuts, but they are too salty. These are a great, healthy alternative.

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