Gluten-Free Cookie Easter Project


This Easter, try this simple gluten-free project which is sure to have stunning results—transferring images onto cookies.


1. Reduce vintage postcard or other image to 65% of its original size on a standard color photocopier, then bring it to your favorite local bakery to have it reproduced with edible ink on thin, sticker-like sheets made of rice, potatoes, or cornstarch.

2. Roll out your own gluten-free sugar cookie dough so that it’s ¼-inch thick. If you want to use vintage postcard images, cut the dough into rectangles of 3 ¾-inch by 2 ½-inch. Use an egg-shaped cookie cutter for egg-shaped cookies.

3. Punch a hole carefully at the top of each raw cookie with a drinking straw. This hole will be for the ribbon.

4. Bake the cookies according to instructions. While they’re baking, cut out the images from the edible paper, making corresponding holes at the top for the ribbon using a hole punch.

5. Let the cookies cool, then place an even, thin layer of white icing on them. Peel the edible paper from its backing and carefully and gently lay edible images down on the surfaces of the cookies. Allow to set for a few minutes.

6. Pipe pastel-colored gluten-free frosting along the edges of the cookies. Dust with an edible gluten-free glitter, then thread the holes with a thin ribbon that you can use to hang them with on Easter centerpieces.

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