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Traveling gluten-free can be one big hassle. If you are celiac like me, it is a big dilemma just trying to plan a trip. I dread it from the start only due to the meal “considerations”. Don’t get me wrong- I LOVE traveling. The troubles lurking in a snack or with an uniformed hostess, waitress or chef can be just rough, especially after the ingested gluten. The further I wander from home and my comfy zone of snacks and pure GF food I have at home, the more it can be troublesome.

For many celiacs this travel site is not new and is a breath of fresh air. For those new to you on this  current scene for gluten free, well you have got to check this out! Travel in style- in gluten-free style, that is! You can eat a meal, desserts, snacks and even beer all gluten-free and all arranged for you down to every detail, if you’d like.
Bob Levy was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in February, 1995. Just a few months after being diagnosed, he began arranging Gluten-free dinners at restaurants in the Baltimore area and Gluten-free Getaways to the Caribbean. A number of people who participated in these dinners and trips suggested that Bob skills in handling  these restaurants and resorts to accommodate the Gluten-free diet and he should seriously look at this being  a full-time endeavor.
It took a while for the concept to develop, but in November of 1998 Bob & Ruth’s published the first newsletter were on a roll.
Check out all the details of  mini Get- Aways and all of the other Gluten-free trips currently offered on this website . You will be pleased. I sure am!
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From our home to yours, Tina Turbin
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