Great News for the Celiac Community!

I had the honor of appearing on the program Magnificent Menopause—Embracing Midlife with co-hosts Gail Edgell and Carrie Pierce to discuss celiac disease, the effects of gluten on aging and menopause, the gluten-free diet, and my new eBook, “Gluten and Your Aging Body.”

The theme of the first show was “Celiac Disease and You: What it is, What it Does to Destroy Your Health and How You Can Get Back On Track,” and the theme of the second show was “Living –and Thriving—with Celiac Disease.”

     Well, Gail and Carrie’s wonderful radio program has been picked up by a leading women’s radio station, Heartbeat Radio for Women, with an audience of about 70,000 female listeners. The show is being launched with its top 10 archived shows, and BOTH of my radio interviews about celiac disease are being included in these.

What an honor—and what fantastic news for the celiac community!

You can listen to my interviews at: or

My eBook can be purchased at for only $4.95.

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3 thoughts on “Great News for the Celiac Community!

  1. Wow! I have never heard this show before but it sounds exactly like something I would love! I just listen to NPR all the time and I never feel like anything on it really speaks to ME, if you know what I mean. Also your eBook looks fantastic. I’m going to order it for a friend of mine!

  2. This is AMAZING news! I get so excited about thinking of all those women who are going to hear about gluten and celiac disease. I mean, 1% of them will have CD and more will be sensitive to gluten.

  3. Wow! This is really is good to hear. I didn’t know you had an eBook either. I will have to get it. I will see if I can tune into your shows. I have heard you once before on the radio and I really loved hearing your story about getting diagnosed with celiac disease and all the great advice you had.

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