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Mrs. Fields, Tollhouse, Sprinkles—step aside. Jill Brack and her daughter were diagnosed with celiac disease and they felt they were missing out. The mission began: they wanted a good cookie after trying what they were settling for.


With a garbage can filled with flopped recipes, a smile, and determination, this mother and daughter team were finally satisfied a year later with their wholesome and tasty gluten-free cookies made with bean flour.

I had the opportunity to try all four flavors of Glow’s cookies and they are just as Jill states—yummy, crumbly, and full of flavor.

I love ginger, so I was particularly impressed with the bite Glow’s ginger snap cookies contain. They were my absolute favorite. My L.A. and Florida testers were thrilled with the Snickerdoodles.


Jill has taken extra precaution to ensure her products are baked in a GFCO-certified GF kitchen and are casein-, trans fat-, and preservative-free. You can find her cookies in many stores primarily on the East coast.

GLOW cookies have been featured on the Rachael Ray show as well as in Living Without magazine.

This food company is truly given a thumbs up and is HIGHLY recommended by me.

Tina Turbin


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5 thoughts on “Terrific Gluten-Free Cookie Company- Glow

  1. These cookies are great for the cookie lover who loves their cookies crunchy! One of my favorites was the Ginger snap which was the chewiest of the bunch and had a mild ginger taste. the Double chocolate was soft and great with milk. The Snickerdoodle was crisp and very good!

  2. I loved these cookies! It brought me back to my younger days! I loved the double chocolate the best! It was very comparable to the Pepperidge farm cookies. I also had the Snickerdoodle, which tastes like cinnamon toast crunch!

  3. Overall, I thought: good job Glow! You make pretty good GF cookies! I thought that the Ginger snaps tastes like a good ol’ giner snap. Well done! The Double chocolate was pretty good! I like the chocolate flavor

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